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Try Our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire

Does your child seem to have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep? Has lack of proper rest caused problems for them at home and school? If so, then your child may benefit from orthotropic treatment. To learn more, consider trying our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire. We use the questionnaire to see if our Livonia,… Read more »

Orthotropics Could Mean Better Breathing

Do you notice your little one snores or gasps and chokes during sleep? Breathing issues that impact sleep could lead to major complications for your child, from behavioral issues to exhaustion. Fortunately, we can help families in Livonia, MI, with orthotropic treatment. Don’t let breathing difficulties impact your child’s ability to grow and thrive!

Improving Nighttime Breathing With Oral Appliances

Have you ever heard of orthotropic treatment? Using custom-made oral appliances, we use this unique treatment option to ensure open airways and help address sleep troubles in young children. Addressing these issues not only improves their mood and behavior, but also offers long-term benefits for kids in Livonia, MI. How do we improve nighttime breathing… Read more »

Do Orthotropics Improve Facial Structure?

Did you know that many of the same factors that lead to poor sleep could also impact your child’s facial structure and dental alignment? These issues could cause issues for your child’s oral health, as well as their behavior due to poor sleep. In order to help then, we may offer our Livonia, MI, patients… Read more »

How Does An Oral Appliance Help My Child Sleep Better?

Did you know that children as young as three could suffer from poor breathing at night, leading to serious sleep disorders? In order to help kids avoid the complications of poor sleep, we may recommend orthotropic treatment. Let’s find out how orthotropics help children sleep better.

Will Orthotropics Offer My Child A Better Night’s Sleep?

If your little one has trouble sleeping, and fights exhaustion during the day, then the issue may have to do with breathing. Poor breathing at night due to obstruction could lead to serious complications for your child, including problems at school. Fortunately, we offer orthotropics to help families in Livonia, MI!

What Benefits Will Orthotropic Treatment Offer?

For children experiencing issues regarding the growth and development of the jaw and oral tissues, a number of serious complications may arise. In order to help children as young as age three, we may offer orthotropic treatment. What benefits will orthotropic offer children in Livonia, MI?

How Do Orthotropics Improve A Child’s Sleep?

We offer a number of procedures designed to help the health and appearance of a child’s smile. But did you know we also have treatments to help treat an oral health issue related to poor sleep and behavioral issues? Orthotropics help children in Livonia, MI, enjoy better oral health and a protect them from serious… Read more »

5 Benefits Of Orthotropic Treatment

Did you know obstructed breathing in children could lead to an array of complications, from poor sleep to problems with behavior? In order to improve breathing and correct the growth of oral structures, we may recommend orthotropic treatment. Find out what benefits orthotropics offer families in Livonia, MI.

Will My Child Sleep Better With Orthotropics?

Did you know that breathing issues may lead to problems with your child’s ability to sleep? Without proper rest, school performance can suffer and behavior issues may develop. In order to help children rest easier and avoid complications later in life, we may suggest orthotropic treatment for kids in Livonia, MI.