Month: September 2017

Quiz: Are Fillings Urgent?

What’s that? You have a cavity but you don’t really feel the urgency regarding scheduling and coming in for a dental filling? Why not? From our perspective, if you understand tooth decay, you will immediately feel the need for speed when it comes to getting your filling completed. Let’s see how well informed you are… Read more »

Soda Drinking: The Reasons To Stop

Are you a bit of a soda fanatic? Do you have your favorite flavors, your particular brand loyalties, and then the stuff that you’ll only drink if there’s nothing else that you like around? What would you say if we were to inform you that none of your selections (though delicious) are safe for your… Read more »

Your Dental Hygiene Collection: 3 Things To Add

What do you have in your dental hygiene collection? If you answered: Toothpaste, a toothbrush, and dental floss, then your main collection is complete! These are the products you require in order to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. However, when it comes to cultivating not only your essential but also your best collection of… Read more »