Month: December 2017

Holiday Photos: Some Simple Suggestions

Do you and your loved ones all pack in tight every year when you hang out for the holidays, so you can have someone snap a photo? Do you cringe at the thought of seeing yourself once the photos are sent out because you worry your smile might not look so hot? While this is… Read more »

Quiz: Treating Chips

Do you know about chips? Are you certain about treating chipped teeth? Do you know if this is something that can affect your smile health or if it’s just a matter of esthetic details? Perhaps you already have this type of issue affecting your smile and, while you would really love to make it better,… Read more »

Clenching Or Grinding Your Teeth? We Can Help.

Are you noticing that you’ve been grinding your teeth lately? Do you do this in your sleep and you would never have known had your significant other not mentioned it? Maybe you don’t clench on purpose but you’re aware that it’s happening, particularly when you’re stressed. Whatever the case, if you are dealing with bruxism… Read more »