Month: January 2019

Improving Nighttime Breathing With Oral Appliances

Have you ever heard of orthotropic treatment? Using custom-made oral appliances, we use this unique treatment option to ensure open airways and help address sleep troubles in young children. Addressing these issues not only improves their mood and behavior, but also offers long-term benefits for kids in Livonia, MI. How do we improve nighttime breathing… Read more »

A Few Things You Might Not Realize About Restorative Care

When the final say on your smile during your dental visit with us includes the suggestion of restorative care, it means your oral health has slipped a bit. You might have a damaged tooth. You may have a missing tooth. Or a cavity! Or a tooth infection! The list is long and varied and, while… Read more »

Do Orthotropics Improve Facial Structure?

Did you know that many of the same factors that lead to poor sleep could also impact your child’s facial structure and dental alignment? These issues could cause issues for your child’s oral health, as well as their behavior due to poor sleep. In order to help then, we may offer our Livonia, MI, patients… Read more »

Worries About Cosmetic Care Holding You Back

As you know, cosmetic care is one of the fields of dental care that we offer for a very good reason: We want to help you make your smile look its best, particularly in the wake of esthetic damage, such as discoloration, minor chips, and more. While this is likely knowledge that you’ve already soaked… Read more »

How Does An Oral Appliance Help My Child Sleep Better?

Did you know that children as young as three could suffer from poor breathing at night, leading to serious sleep disorders? In order to help kids avoid the complications of poor sleep, we may recommend orthotropic treatment. Let’s find out how orthotropics help children sleep better.

Gum Disease: 3 Ways Of Realizing You Have It

You are well aware that one of the main goals with your dental care is to keep your gums healthy. However, when it comes to issues like gingivitis and more advanced gum disease, you may not feel very informed in regard to how you will know it’s happening. Will it simply hurt? Is there some… Read more »

Does My Child Have A Sleep Disorder?

With orthotropics, our Livonia, MI, team offers treatment for children suffering from difficulty sleeping. Children as young as age three could develop problems with breathing that impact their sleep, or may indicate the presence of a disorder requiring treatment. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the warning signs of trouble and discussing how a custom… Read more »

Cleaning Between Your Teeth: Easy Details

Remember that when you’re keeping your smile healthy and clean that cleaning between your teeth is part of the equation. If you’re focusing only on getting the surfaces of your teeth clean, then you’re only doing a partially good job. “Isn’t this enough?” you might ask yourself. Unfortunately, when we’re discussing your oral health, “enough”… Read more »

Address Your Children’s Sleep Disorder In 2019

Do your children often exhibit trouble sleeping, along with behavioral difficulties at home and school? Poor rest due to airway obstruction and other issues with the growth of the mouth and jaw could hurt your child’s quality of life. Fortunately, we can help kids in Livonia, MI, with our orthotropic treatment options.