Month: June 2019

The Difference Between Orthodontic and Orthotropic Care

When most people think about dental misalignment, the first thing that comes to mind is crooked teeth. Therefore, orthodontic treatment often seems like the most reasonable treatment for any dental misalignment. However, the truth is that not all forms of dental misalignment are the same. Even if the most notable problem seems to be a… Read more »

Are My Gums Just Irritated?

It’s a question that can become increasingly confusing and hard to answer, when you’re at home and your gums feel not-so-great: Are my gums just irritated, you wonder to yourself? Or, are your gums possibly dealing with a problem that’s in need of our Livonia, MI team’s attention and care (such as gum disease)? What… Read more »

Your TMJs: The Better Way To Approach Care

As with many areas of dental care, your best approach to protecting your oral health when TMJ disorder affects you is to come to our Livonia, MI team for your answers, your care, and more! However, we know that like many patients, you may find yourself interested and compelled by seeking guidance and improvement from… Read more »

When’s a Good Time to Ask About Orthotropics?

Sometimes, the need for orthotropic treatment can be more obvious than at other times. For example, depending on the severity of your child’s oral and/or facial misalignment, it can visibly affect their smile and facial features, the way their bite functions, and more. Or, the misalignment may not be immediately noticeable until a comprehensive examination… Read more »

Cosmetic Treatments: What Suits Your Fancy?

When you’re thinking that cosmetic care could potentially add something very empowering to your life, our Livonia, MI team tends to first ask: What type of improvements do you have in mind? What suits your fancy? Are you looking for a whiter smile or some other change? When you articulate the particular areas with which… Read more »

3 Ways Orthotropics Can Benefit Your Child

Children’s oral health care can sometimes be more challenging than routine adult care. On top of helping children maintain excellent dental health, it also involves helping ensure that they’re oral and facial structures develop correctly and in proper alignment. At our Livonia, MI, dental office, we offer custom orthotropics that help comfortably and successfully promote… Read more »

FAQs: The Idea Of Do-It-Yourself Whitening

Are you thinking about what it might take to accomplish some type of teeth whitening on your own? Maybe you’re not even thinking so much about any type of strong treatment but you figure that there must be something you can change in terms of your usual daily care that will allow you to end… Read more »