Month: June 2014

Electric Toothbrush or Manual: Which Should You Use?

Did you know the electric toothbrush was invented in Switzerland in 1939?  It wasn’t introduced to the U.S. until the1960s.  Some of you reading this were probably born in that decade. Today, electric toothbrushes have risen in popularity. They are affordable and easy to use. Children tend to enjoy brushing with electric toothbrushes over manual… Read more »

Misaligned Bite

Does your child have a misaligned bite? The technical name for a misaligned bite or “bad bite” is malocclusion.  Malocclusion can be caused by genetics, mouth breathing, or bad oral habits such as thumb sucking. Most people, children and adults, have some level of malocclusion, but nothing that usually warrants treatment. Research indicates that 90… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Were you one of those kids that dreaded going to the dentist? You did not want to find out that you had cavities and needed your teeth filled. Was it one of your greatest fears? Well, you were not alone. Over 90 percent of the population has cavities and 78 percent of the population experienced… Read more »

Understanding Tooth Anatomy

When you visit your dentist, do you feel like you’re in the dark? You don’t need to know what’s going on. You open your mouth, say “Ah,” and your dentist takes it from there. He or she knows what they are doing and we trust our dentist. It may be helpful, however, to be familiar… Read more »

Eating For Healthy Teeth

Remember when you were a child, how much you loved candy, ice cream, and soda? The same goes for your kids, right? One of their baby teeth must’ve been a sweet tooth. Your parents probably told you back then that you were going to rot your teeth, and they were right. All of that sugar… Read more »