Month: October 2015

Preventive Dentistry: Your Guide

The very basis of preventive dentistry is exactly what it sounds like – preventing problems from occurring. The great news about prevention is that it is effective and quite easy to accomplish as long as you are familiar with your options. First, keep in mind that an essential factor is your home care. As long… Read more »

Q&A: Full Mouth Reconstruction

We see patients dealing with all manner of dental issues. When it comes to significant problems with your oral health, we would like you to know we are ready to help you. Your best option is to schedule a visit with us, so we can examine your smile and craft a personalized full mouth reconstruction… Read more »

Questions About Tooth Infections

When you think about an infected tooth, do you assume that the infection will be able to clear all on its own? Do you assume you would know if you were suffering from one immediately because it would probably be quite uncomfortable? How about restorative treatment to address the problem – are you familiar with… Read more »

Q&A Session: Partial Dentures

Neglecting to replace missing teeth can result in serious side effects, including problems like misalignment and difficulty with keeping your smile clean and healthy. For patients considering partial dentures for a complete smile, we understand that you may have a variety of questions – particularly when trying to compare this prosthetic to other solutions. We… Read more »

Bridge Basics: Nothing To Worry About

No matter the type of decision you are making for your smile, you may find yourself feeing the need to do thorough research. This is always something we applaud because patients who feel informed and educated before they make a final choice tend to feel satisfied and confident about their selections. As for choosing a… Read more »

Q&A: Qualifying For Dental Implants

Dental implants provide patients with exceptional benefits when replacing missing teeth. The advantages truly speak for themselves: Amazing stability, the capacity to prevent your teeth from shifting, and the ability to improve your daily dental hygiene. However, while you may love everything you learn about implants, you may not know much about determining your candidacy. The best method… Read more »

Q&A: Teeth Replacement Options

Learning more about your teeth replacement options is extremely important. Not only because it’s good to make an educated decision about the way you complete your smile but primarily because replacing missing teeth is essential for a healthy smile. You see, ignoring tooth loss can lead to significant problems like a misaligned smile, dental hygiene… Read more »

Crowns: Answering Your Questions

Learning about dental crowns will quickly reveal that these restorations are exceptional multi-taskers. Not only do they provide full coverage to damaged teeth, but they can also act as both restorative and cosmetic treatments. In some cases, a crown can even prevent the need for a dental extraction, saving your tooth from removal. As for… Read more »

5 Cosmetic Treatments That Improve Smiles

Over time our smiles often become a little dull as a result of discoloration and other esthetic issues. Fortunately, we can improve the appearance of your teeth with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry refers to any procedure designed solely to boost the appearance of your smile. We offer a number of cosmetic treatments that improve smiles,… Read more »

Q&A: Tooth-Colored Filling Candidacy

When you learn that we offer tooth-colored fillings to address cavities, you may instantly assume this is a special type of restorative treatment. Indeed, you would be correct that it is special because of its exceptional list of benefits. However, if this seemingly elite option sounds too good to be true – or, perhaps, simply… Read more »