Month: April 2016

Blood Pressure And Dental Care?

Are you someone struggling with high blood pressure? Do you know what is causing this particular concern? Have you done anything about it? First things first, it is extremely important to address hypertension because it increases your chance of experiencing more severe health problems like stroke or problems with your heart. When it comes to… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Tips For Kids’ Sleepovers

Few things can feel more challenging than when your child partakes in a sleepover. You won’t be there, of course, to monitor your child’s dental hygiene routine or sleep time. You know that brushing and flossing is of the utmost importance and you are quite consistent at your own home – but what to do when… Read more »

How Does Teeth-Whitening Work?

It’s the most popular cosmetic dental treatment today, but even if you’ve had the procedure, you might still wonder how, exactly, does teeth-whitening work? For that matter, shouldn’t cleaning your teeth every day stop them from staining? Unfortunately, teeth can stain even when you meticulously brush and floss them twice a day, and the reasons… Read more »

Will Dental Implants Cause Embarrassment?

Are you feeling emotionally distraught over your recent tooth loss? For many patients, the way a missing tooth or teeth affect one’s self-esteem can become quite significant. The good news is that most dental prosthetics provide a beautiful finish, thanks to advances in materials and technology. When it comes to considering dental implants to replace… Read more »

Got Spring On The Mind?

Are you a little bit obsessed with the fact that Spring has finally sprung? Perhaps it’s all you can do to keep yourself from running outdoors, shirking your responsibilities, and taking a nice nap in the grass. While you might not be able to check out from your usual daily life to enjoy the weather,… Read more »

Quiz: Protecting Kids’ Smiles

How anxious do you become when planning out or keeping up with preventive care for your kids’ smiles? Are you worried that you are dropping the ball on a particular area of dental care? Maybe you think you’re missing an essential detail that might lead to problems like tooth decay. First, we suggest that you… Read more »

3 Answers To Your “When Should I?” Questions

Do you find yourself wanting to ask us questions but you think to yourself that they’re the type of inquiries that might elicit laughter or a roll of the eyes? Are your questions extremely basic and – and a result – you keep them to yourself? Whether you’re asking the simplest oral health question in the world… Read more »

Quiz: Your Flossing Approach

How do you feel about your dental hygiene? In many cases, we discuss hygiene with patients only to realize they have a very firm grip on brushing – but their certainty about flossing is not so steady. Unfortunately, if you’re doing a great job with twice daily brushing but you’re slacking a bit with the… Read more »

Bad Breath Quiz: What Should I Do?

Are you recently noticing that you’re suffering from bad breath but finding a solution has not been as easy as you had hoped? Perhaps you have long dealt with this problem – also known as halitosis – and have all but given up hope that you will ever have a freshly scented mouth again. Before you… Read more »