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Try Our Childhood Sleep Health Questionnaire

We offer orthotropics to help children suffering from poor sleep due to obstructed breathing. But how do parents in Livonia, MI, know if their child needs treatment? A good start can be found on our website. With our Childhood Sleep Health Questionnaire, we will assess your child’s sleep habits and help decide if they need… Read more »

How Does Biobloc Therapy Help Children Enjoy Better Sleep?

When children develop sleep disorders due to obstructed breathing or issues with the jaw and oral structures, this can lead to major complications at school and home. Fortunately, we have the ability to help families in Livonia, MI, by addressing childhood sleep troubles. As part of our approach to orthotropic treatment, we may recommend a… Read more »

How Does An Orthotropic Appliance Treat Sleep Disorders?

Often, sleep disorders arise due to complications with breathing. When factors cause children to have trouble breathing freely during the night, they often end up receiving poor and frequently interrupted sleep. In order to help little ones in Livonia, MI, we may suggest custom-made orthotropic appliances. How do these devices help treat common sleep troubles,… Read more »

Does Your Child Have Trouble With Sleep?

We need sleep to make the most of our day, and this is especially true for children. However, sleep disordered breathing and other factors could lead to poor rest and prevent children from enjoying optimal quality of life. If your child has trouble with sleep, then consider talking to your Livonia, MI, dentist. With orthotropics,… Read more »

How Does An Oral Appliance Help Your Child Sleep?

When children don’t sleep as they should, they may experience trouble at school and home. In order to help kids enjoy a better night’s rest, we target the factors behind children’s breathing and sleep difficulties. How does an oral appliance help families in Livonia, MI? What should parents expect from this treatment option?

What Indicates Poor Child Sleep Health?

We need sleep to stay alert and function during the day, whether we’re 4 or 40. Which means when breathing obstruction and other issues prevent children from obtaining the rest they need, they tend to do poorly in school or even miss important emotional milestones. We’re looking at indicators of poor child sleep health and… Read more »

Common Questions Parents Ask About Orthotropics

When children experience difficulties breathing due to problems with the growth and development of the jaw and oral structures, they can suffer from sleep disorders. In order to help children in Livonia, MI, obtain the sleep needed to remain healthy and succeed in school, we may suggest orthotropic appliances. In today’s blog, we’re answering common… Read more »

Why Does My Child Sleep So Poorly?

The phrase “sleep like a baby” is common parlance for obtaining a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep. So, for many parents, finding out that their child suffers from poor sleep is surprising. A variety of factors could lead to sleep disorders in children and without treatment, this could impact their growth and development. To help… Read more »

Will An Oral Appliance Stop Sleep Troubles?

When we think of sleep disorders, we often assume only adults are impacted. While sleep apnea does occur in adulthood, children also develop sleep disorders, often tied to breathing obstruction. In order to treat these issues and prevent serious complications as they grow older, we may suggest orthotropic treatment. When should parents in Livonia, MI,… Read more »

Try Our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire

Does your child seem to have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep? Has lack of proper rest caused problems for them at home and school? If so, then your child may benefit from orthotropic treatment. To learn more, consider trying our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire. We use the questionnaire to see if our Livonia,… Read more »