Month: February 2019

Will An Oral Appliance Stop Sleep Troubles?

When we think of sleep disorders, we often assume only adults are impacted. While sleep apnea does occur in adulthood, children also develop sleep disorders, often tied to breathing obstruction. In order to treat these issues and prevent serious complications as they grow older, we may suggest orthotropic treatment. When should parents in Livonia, MI,… Read more »

The “When” Behind Your Smile Care

As you move through life, there will always be another question that shows up here and there about things you’ve done for a long time! Sure, you have been making strides in smile care for years but that doesn’t mean there won’t be moments during which you wonder, “Hmm, when should I be doing that?”… Read more »

Try Our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire

Does your child seem to have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep? Has lack of proper rest caused problems for them at home and school? If so, then your child may benefit from orthotropic treatment. To learn more, consider trying our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire. We use the questionnaire to see if our Livonia,… Read more »

3 Untrue Things About Fluoride

There are many areas of dental care that can cause some amount of confusion. One of those “hot topics” that tends to show up quite frequently, for which patients seem to feel the need to commit themselves to one side or the other? It’s the topic of fluoride! You may feel as though you should… Read more »

Orthotropics Could Mean Better Breathing

Do you notice your little one snores or gasps and chokes during sleep? Breathing issues that impact sleep could lead to major complications for your child, from behavioral issues to exhaustion. Fortunately, we can help families in Livonia, MI, with orthotropic treatment. Don’t let breathing difficulties impact your child’s ability to grow and thrive!

Making Your Child’s Dental Care A Lot More Fun!

Generally speaking, your kiddos aren’t going to see dental care as the most exciting, fun-filled part of their day when we’re just talking about the basics. However, what you may not have recognized yet is that there are absolutely some very easy ways to make this otherwise somewhat uninteresting chore become an enjoyable part of… Read more »

Why Neglecting Your TMJs Is So Bad

Plain and simple, if you decide to ignore your TMJ health, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Instead, you’re setting yourself up for some major disappointment because when TMJ disorder strikes, it can begin as what appears to be a mild oral health concern. However, if you’re not aware of the potential side effects and… Read more »