Month: November 2018

How Do Orthotropics Help Improve A Child’s Sleep?

Do your children have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep? Poor rest could lead to serious issues for a child’s emotional growth and development. Fortunately, an orthotropic oral appliance could help children in Livonia, MI, rest easier and avoid sleep disorders later in life.

3 Things To Throw Away (And When)

When you think about your dental hygiene, you may spend most of your time thinking about how to use products properly and how to keep your smile clean. As a result, you don’t spend much time focused on what you should be throwing out once you’ve used it or exactly how long a particular product… Read more »

Your Smile: 3 Things Your Future Self With Thank You For

Usually, when you’re taking care of your smile, you’re focused on the here and now. How clean are you getting your teeth? What are you doing today that will ensure you’re not currently developing decay or promoting other sorts of problems? For some, this is wonderful motivation. However, for others, since all may look A-OK… Read more »

Will An Oral Appliance Help My Child Sleep Easier?

Does your little one have trouble sleeping? We often talk to parents in Livonia, MI, that struggle to help their kids sleep. Fortunately, using orthotropics allows us to address many issues with the development of the jaw and oral structures. Will an oral appliance help your child sleep easier?

Cold Days And Dry Lips: What To Do?

It is truly amazing how just a bit of a dip in the temperatures can bring your lips from enjoying daily comfort to feeling like crinkled up tissue paper that is about to crack. Nobody wants to experience dry winter lips and you may even have some idea that they’re coming. However, you don’t know… Read more »

What Benefits Will Orthotropic Treatment Offer?

For children experiencing issues regarding the growth and development of the jaw and oral tissues, a number of serious complications may arise. In order to help children as young as age three, we may offer orthotropic treatment. What benefits will orthotropic offer children in Livonia, MI?

Smile Health: You Cannot Always Trust Your Eyes

Yes, of course, there are times when you see a change with your oral health, you know that something must be wrong, and you call us right up. Maybe you recognize gum tissue that appears purple, you know it must be gum disease, you come in to see our Livonia, MI team, and we offer… Read more »