Month: December 2022

Sleep Treatment Without Surgery!

Selena Livonia MI

Disordered sleep is a highly prevalent problem in the United States. You may be surprised to learn that two of the most common of these focus on the structures of the mouth and throat. The first of these is called bruxism, which is the persistent grinding and wear of teeth. When this happens during the… Read more »

Touch Up Your Enamel For A Tidy Smile

Shine Livonia MI

There are constant daily risks to the smile. Simply due to its location on the face, physical trauma is likely to occur here and the structures within can be delicate and suffer long-term damage. Chewing itself can be a possible hazard, as an errant seed or piece of bone can lead to a chip or… Read more »

Find A Lasting Restoration Solution

Sweater Livonia MI

Structural concerns involving the teeth can become worrisome for your smile’s future. Whether in need of a reinforcement of your existing enamel or a replacement procedure, the durability of any solution is crucial to its success. This involves multiple aspects of production, including materials and technique. Our increasing technological abilities are also making lasting improvement… Read more »