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Does My Child Have A Sleep Disorder?

With orthotropics, our Livonia, MI, team offers treatment for children suffering from difficulty sleeping. Children as young as age three could develop problems with breathing that impact their sleep, or may indicate the presence of a disorder requiring treatment. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the warning signs of trouble and discussing how a custom… Read more »

Address Your Children’s Sleep Disorder In 2019

Do your children often exhibit trouble sleeping, along with behavioral difficulties at home and school? Poor rest due to airway obstruction and other issues with the growth of the mouth and jaw could hurt your child’s quality of life. Fortunately, we can help kids in Livonia, MI, with our orthotropic treatment options.

How Does Sleep Loss Impact Your Child?

When children lose sleep, they often have trouble functioning at school and in their daily life. Serious complications can arise, including issues reaching emotional growth milestones. Issues with the growth of their smiles could impact their risk of poor sleep, but fortunately we can help Livonia, MI, patients with orthotropics.

Orthotropics: What You Need to Know

When children have trouble sleeping and seem to struggle in school, these two issues may be connected. In addition, the source of these trouble could be connected to their smile, particularly, the development and growth of their jaw and oral structures. To help children in Livonia, MI, with these issues, we may prescribe orthotropic treatment.

How Do Orthotropics Help Improve A Child’s Sleep?

Do your children have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep? Poor rest could lead to serious issues for a child’s emotional growth and development. Fortunately, an orthotropic oral appliance could help children in Livonia, MI, rest easier and avoid sleep disorders later in life.

Will An Oral Appliance Help My Child Sleep Easier?

Does your little one have trouble sleeping? We often talk to parents in Livonia, MI, that struggle to help their kids sleep. Fortunately, using orthotropics allows us to address many issues with the development of the jaw and oral structures. Will an oral appliance help your child sleep easier?

Will Orthotropic Treatment Prevent Misalignment?

When misalignment develops, children may need orthodontics in their teens and adult years. But what if treatment in early childhood could prevent the onset of misalignment? In today’s blog, we’re looking at how orthotropics could help children in Livonia, MI, enjoy healthier and straighter smile.

Dental Sealants Quiz: Do You Know The Facts?

If you know a lot about dental sealants, then you may have only a random question about them here and there. However, if you don’t really know a lot about them except that they can help prevent cavities, it will most certainly benefit you to gain a quick education! For instance, you might know that… Read more »

Sealants: Better Safe Than Sorry!

When you’re providing your child with the best pediatric dental care you possibly can, that means a lot of things! At home, it means remaining focused on getting through effective brushing and flossing. With us, it means coming in for cleanings and checkups on a regular basis (we suggest every six months). This also means… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: Answering Important Questions!

Your smile is already fully developed, so you don’t need to worry about treating it as it grows. It’s all done and you have gained a fairly thorough understanding of what it needs. When you’re figuring out how to best rely on dental care for your child, however, things are different. Your child or teen’s… Read more »