Month: January 2013

Livonia Dentist Offers Smile Restoration

                    Do you wish your smile could be brighter? Are your teeth misaligned, or damaged due to cracks or chips? Many people avoid taking the necessary steps to improve their smiles because they don’t have the time for multiple procedures and office visits. Thankfully, a dental… Read more »

Livonia Dentist’s Halitosis Quiz

Is your breath a source of embarrassment? Most people deal with bad breath at least once a day, typically in the morning. Sometimes, however, your foul breath may not always dissipate by the time you leave your house, and halitosis (chronic bad breath) can ruin more than just your morning. To help you keep your… Read more »

Livonia Dentist on the Coffee Debate

Can you start your day without that first cup of joe? Over 54% of Americans drink coffee and spend an average of over $1000 dollars a year on the beverage. But is all that coffee good for you? Your Livonia cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Stewart, explains the risks, and surprising health benefits, of coffee consumption.

Livonia Dentist Says, Sleep Apnea Affects Sleeping Partner

Tossing and turning, stealing the blankets, restless legs: all of these can keep your sleeping partner awake. Of all nighttime distractions, snoring keeps people awake the most. In fact, 59% of adults say their partner snores. If your snoring is loud enough to keep your partner awake, you may also experience difficulty sleeping. Loud snoring… Read more »

Livonia Dentist on Fighting Tooth Decay with Vitamin D

Did you know that a little time outside strengthens your teeth? Vitamin D has been shown to help teeth become stronger and more resistant to cavities, and the sun’s UV rays are the best source of vitamin D. Your Livonia family dentist, Dr. James Stewart, explains the importance of sunshine in keeping your smile healthy… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Helps You Sleep Better

Sleeping through the night re-energizes you to work throughout the day more productively and creatively. Some people rarely lose sleep, while others constantly wake up through the night.  You can tell who doesn’t always sleep well by a lack of short-term memory or sour mood. Loved ones of people who wake up feeling like they… Read more »

Livonia Dentist on Premedication for Heart Patients

The well-being of our patients is our primary concern. At our Livonia dentist office, our team follows strict protocols to ensure the safety of our patients, from our youngest to our oldest. This is why, for patients who may suffer from heart conditions, we recommend taking antibiotic prophylaxis, or premedication, before certain dental procedures. Your… Read more »

Your Livonia Dentist: Dr. Stewart’s Training and Expertise

When you trust someone with your health, you want to know that you’ve selected an expert. Fortunately, your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, meets the criteria. Education Dr. Stewart earned a bachelor of science degree in microbiology from the University of Michigan, where he later completed his doctor of dental surgery (D.D.S.) degree. Afterward, Dr…. Read more »