Month: August 2022

Tense? Night Guards May Help

Many people, without even thinking about it, grind their teeth, or clench their jaw. When this activity is severe enough to cause damage to the mouth, it is referred to as the medical condition bruxism. For most people, it never becomes an issue, just a physical quirk about themselves. For others, however, it can be a… Read more »

The Astounding History Of Implants

Lemons Livonia MI

We tend to take some of the technological advancements of the past few decades for granted. Our phones are now computers, and we have access to any information on the planet within seconds. But there have been some miraculous discoveries, and the field of oral health is certainly no exception. One way that has benefited… Read more »

Be Sure To Monitor Your Gumline

Gumline Livonia MI

Gum recession is incredibly common in the United States, but still it seems to be something that we are all somewhat ashamed of admitting. People will go to incredible lengths to hide their periodontal disease, yet for some reason,they are hesitant to seek help from a trained healthcare professional. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes… Read more »

Misalignment Treatment Through Other Procedures

Smile Livonia MI

If you have been contemplating a cosmetic procedure, but also need restorative work performed, you might see the possibility of a secondary benefit! For people who receive porcelain veneers or dental implants, minor misalignment concerns might be able to be ameliorated at the same time. Today, your Livonia, Mi dentist highlights some ways that you… Read more »

Keep Track Of Your Dry Mouth

Dry Livonia MI

Many people wonder to themselves about issues they have with their oral health. Sometimes, you can trick yourself into believing something to be true, like thinking that a perfectly healthy tooth may be loose. The inverse of that can be true, as well. We will often disregard serious issues as nagging annoyances, rather than medical… Read more »