Month: May 2016

FAQs About Preventive Dentistry

We believe in a preventive approach to dental care. After all, what better way to keep your smile healthy than to avoid the onset of oral health concerns completely? Do you have questions about preventive dentistry? How do we protect your smile from tooth decay, gum disease, and other common oral health problems?

Do You Need Full Or Partial Dentures?

Losing most, if not all, of your teeth can lead to serious oral health complications. In addition to embarrassment, you can soon develop complications that threaten your appearance and any remaining natural teeth. Fortunately, we can help replace lost teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. Do you need full or partial dentures?

Fun Events In Livonia, MI

We like to take time in our blog to remind our readers and patients about upcoming events in the community. There is always something fun happening in Livonia, from games to the farmer’s market. In addition, if you want to show your best smile at these events, you can talk to our team. We offer… Read more »

5 Advantages Of Receiving Dental Implants

If you lose one tooth or more, you have multiple options for replacing them, ranging from dental bridges to dentures. However, more and more people are embracing a more lifelike and longer lasting alternative: dental implants. How does this procedure differ from more traditional tooth replacement options? What are the advantages of dental implants?

Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?

What happens when a tooth becomes damaged? What procedures are necessary to combat a painful dental infection? With issues like these, we will often recommend restorative treatment to improve the health and function of your teeth, or even replace missing ones. Do you need restorative dentistry?

Should You Consider Veneers?

Do you multiple esthetics issues with your smile? If everything from minor alignment issues to discoloration plagues your smile, you may assume multiple procedures will be necessary to improve your teeth. However, with a single procedure we can transform your smile in as little as two visits. Should you consider porcelain veneers?

What’s Happening In Livonia?

We like to take time in our blog to remind our patients and readers about what a wonderful community we live. There is so much happening in Livonia to enjoy, from shows to special events. Don’t forget to also schedule an appointment with Dr. Stewart, so you can enjoy these community events with a beautiful… Read more »

Questions About Your Dental Cleaning?

You might not immediately see the need for regular dental cleanings if you’re diligent about cleaning plaque off of your teeth every day (preferably twice a day, at least). The truth, though, is that removing plaque on a daily basis is only the half the battle – to truly protect your smile, you need the… Read more »