Category: Preventive Dentistry

Maintaining Healthy Smiles From Home

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the members of our community, many people are staying home when possible and practicing social distancing. Our office is doing the same, only offering emergency care at the moment. However, just because you’re home doesn’t mean you should neglect your smile! Your Livonia, MI, dentist has… Read more »

Do Sore Gums Mean I Need A Deep Cleaning?

When you have aches or sensitivity in your teeth, this often means you have a pretty serious cavity, or even the beginnings of an infected tooth. But what if you notice soreness and sensitivity in your gums? In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about how we address soreness and protect smiles from periodontal… Read more »

Cavities: Reminders That Are Shockingly Easy! 

Of course, if you develop a cavity, our Livonia, MI team offers the beautiful tooth-colored fillings you need to restore your smile, say goodbye to the problem, and get your tooth healthy again (as your smile is back to its old self). What you’d prefer, though, is to just avoid the whole tooth decay experience… Read more »

Things That Are Always, Always True For Your Smile

It’s easy to make assumptions about your smile. Unfortunately, when you make guesses about your oral health, dental care, and all that you can achieve with our Livonia, MI team’s help, you often overlook a wealth of opportunities that could really benefit you! You may also overlook some potential harm-causing culprits that you can easily… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: What If I Have Bruxism, Too?

So, you know that you have TMJ disorder. You know that it’s very important to treat this functional disorder because if you don’t, the long-term strain of your jaw joints may lead to damage. However, you have also recently learned that you’re also suffering from something called bruxism disorder, which you’ve discovered is grinding and… Read more »

Your TMJs: The Better Way To Approach Care

As with many areas of dental care, your best approach to protecting your oral health when TMJ disorder affects you is to come to our Livonia, MI team for your answers, your care, and more! However, we know that like many patients, you may find yourself interested and compelled by seeking guidance and improvement from… Read more »

A Quick, Objective Look At Smile Care

Our Livonia, MI team knows that sometimes, it can become hard to see the forest for the trees, so to speak! While you have a general understanding that your oral health is important and that it is safeguarded by your smile care, it’s also easy to become so entrenched in the details that you forget… Read more »

Preventive Care: We Cover All The Bases!

When it’s time for you to receive the professional part of your preventive care, our team hopes you will remember that you can receive everything you need from us! This can be a huge relief for patients who worry that, though they’re sure they can expect the basics, they aren’t sure what will happen if… Read more »

Athletic Mouthguards: 4 Very Important Considerations

If you have ever watched professional sports on television for even a moment, you know that professional athletes wear mouthguards. You have likely seen this on the court or the field as you watch local, amateur sports, too. However, it may never have registered before that this is for good reason! Though it seems like… Read more »

Prevent And Treat Gum Disease Right Now

Gum disease is serious business! While you know this, you may not know what to do about keeping it from happening or about treating it when early signs develop. While it can seem like a complex topic at first, when you learn from our Livonia, MI team that it’s actually easy to keep your gum… Read more »