Month: September 2012

Dental Insurance and End-of-Year Considerations

For most patients with dental insurance, dental plans will expire at the end of the year. With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s more important than ever to schedule your appointments. Livonia dentist Dr. Stewart explains why you should take advantage of your dental benefits before the end of the year. Delaying Dental Care If… Read more »

Praise for Dr. Stewart from a Happy Patient

As Dr. James Stewart and his team well know, choosing a dentist can be a difficult task. Not all dentists are equally equipped to handle patients’ needs, and reasons for a dental visit are many and varied. Having a positive relationship with your dentist is mutually beneficial, which is why today we are happy to… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Discusses How to Protect Against Tooth Decay

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the most basic fundamental of good oral hygiene. When coupled with flossing, you have laid the groundwork to fight cavities and stave off tooth decay, the number one cause of tooth loss. Recent research has provided us with an additional weapon against tooth decay, and its… Read more »

How Coconut Oil Can Combat Tooth Decay

Scientists have discovered that digested coconut oil is a natural antibiotic that could be incorporated into dental care products. The team of Irish scientists, from the Athlone Institute of Technology, tested enzyme-treated coconut oils against strains of Streptococcus bacteria. One form of Streptococcus, Streptococcus mutans, is the acid-producing bacterium that causes tooth decay.

New Enzyme Inhibitor May Help Reduce Effects of Gum Disease

A researcher from the University of Louisiana School of Dentistry has developed a method of inhibiting the enzyme that facilitates inflammation and subsequent bone loss. Your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, explains how the research published in the journal Molecular Medicine might change the way periodontitis is treated in the future.

Your Livonia Dentist Offers Dental Advice to Expectant Mothers

Among the dizzying array of changes your body goes through during pregnancy, there are a few that could seriously affect your oral health, and in turn, the well-being of your baby. Nearly everyone knows that proper nutrition is crucial to aiding the healthy development of your little one, but how often do you think about… Read more »

Untreated Sleep Apnea a Life Threatening Disorder, Says Livonia Dentist

Sleep Apnea: The Silent Thief Do you drag through your day? Do you feel listless and sluggish even though you got plenty of sleep the night before? Do you sometimes wake up with a raw throat and an extreme thirst? Has your sleeping partner mentioned that you snore loudly or even make choking sounds during… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Discusses How Chocolate Prevents Cavities

Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, the name of which is derived from the Greek for “food of the gods.” Few people would disagree that chocolate really is a heavenly treat. A common misconception is that chocolate causes cavities. The reality is eating chocolate may actually prevent them. Researchers recently discovered the cocoa bean husk… Read more »

Common Brushing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Proper dental hygiene and professional dental care are the cornerstones of quality oral health. Even if you have a top-notch dental care team, you can’t achieve a truly healthy smile without a top-notch at-home dental hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing your teeth are the cornerstones of dental hygiene and, today, Livonia, MI dentist Dr. James… Read more »