Month: May 2022

Night Guards May Bring Relief

Guad Livonia MI

Many people have unconscious movements of the jaw, it is one of the most common places for an anxious brain to let loose. And for the most part, it is usually no serious issue. However, for a select few, this activity can become seriously harmful to the smile and the jaw. Bruxism, the medical term… Read more »

Could Fixed Dentures Help You?

All on 4 Livonia MU

Fixed dentures, also known as implant-supported or “all-on-4” dentures, are prosthetics for those in need of a whole new set of teeth. Rather than rely upon traditional adhesives, these are teeth designed to attach to the jaw bone itself. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist discusses whether this procedure might be of benefit to you.

Brighten Your Smile For Summer!

Smile Livonia MI

Everyone wants to look their best during the summer. Whether it’s by the pool, or at a cookout, we all know it’s the time to get together. That also makes it the ideal time to get your teeth whitened. With our procedure, you can quickly and effortlessly refresh your smile and be ready for any… Read more »

Diabetes And Your Oral Health

Diabetes Dearborn MI

By far, the most common autoimmune disease in America is diabetes. It affects over 29 million Americans to date, and that number is only growing. Also, the definition of diabetes is expanding as well, growing the number of new diabetics further. The smallest blood vessels in the body, the capillaries, are highly fragile structures. These… Read more »