Month: December 2012

Livonia Dentist on How to Winterize Your Lips

Good oral health involves taking care of more than just our teeth and gums. Between shoveling snow and fighting off colds, we often forget the simple measures needed to protect our lips. With the temperature dropping and serious winter weather setting in, this is the time of year when we all experience chapped lips. Thankfully,… Read more »

Tips on Treating a Sore Throat from Your Livonia Dentist

Every cold and flu season, there seems like there’s always a new bug to catch. We can always rely on one thing staying the same, though: sore throats. When your throat is itchy or burns, performing daily tasks, like brushing your teeth or eating and drinking, can be quite painful. Keeping a clean mouth when you’re… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Explains BRONJ

Have you ever felt concerned about the future of your bone density? Bone loss is a reality for many people, particularly women, as they get older. For many, they trust their general physicians when they are prescribed bisphosphonate drugs for conditions such as osteoporosis. While bisphosphonates are a terrific solution for many people, including those… Read more »

Feel Happier with Your Livonia Dentist

When you’re in a good mood, it shows. Feeling good can make a person more productive and social. So, when you’re down in the dumps, you may seem withdrawn. Don’t let a funk ruin your day. Improving your mood doesn’t take long and is worth your time. Dr. James Stewart, your Livonia dentist, offers quick… Read more »

Livonia Dentist on Baking Soda and Brushing

Sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda, has several uses. Whether using it around the house or in the kitchen, the versatile substance has been helpful for decades. Baking soda also works to whiten teeth like in-office whitening treatments or at-home kits. How does it work? Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, explains how baking… Read more »

Fresh Breath for the Holidays with Your Livonia Dentist

Tis the season for gathering with family and friends for festivities and feasting. But what if you have bad breath? Bad breath, or halitosis, can be embarrassing. But, in most cases, you can freshen breath until the odor subsides. Or, if bad breath is persistent, it could be a sign of oral or systemic health… Read more »