Month: September 2018

How Does Orthotropic Treatment Help Smiles Develop?

As children grow, their smiles develop and change. For some, complications may arise during this process, leading to problems with sleep or tooth alignment. In order to help our young patients in Livonia, MI, enjoy optimal oral health, we may suggest orthotropic treatment for patients as young as age three.

If You’re Not Flossing, Now Is Definitely A Good Time To Start

There might be oh so many reasons you’re not flossing! Maybe you used to floss your smile but you stopped. Perhaps you have never really flossed and, as a result, you don’t really think about it very much. Maybe you floss sometimes but you’re feeling frustrated with flossing, so you can’t seem to stick with… Read more »

Smile Protection: It’s Often Easier Than You Think

When you think about the things you want to do for your smile, one of the primary goals likely includes protecting your grin! You want to make sure that your teeth stay healthy and that your gums remain healthy, as well. Add into the mix the fact that you’d really like keeping up with a… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Our Orthotropic Treatments?

As your children grow, their oral tissues and structures grow and change as well. However, issues with the development of the jaw and other oral tissues may impact their overall health, leading to problems breathing and sleeping. Fortunately, we can help children in Livonia, MI, with orthotropics.

Fluoride: Who Does It Help And How?

You may wonder who fluoride helps. You know that kids need to get enough of it. You know that we generally suggest toothpaste that contains fluoride in it for yourself and your kids, too. However, you might find that you’re not really sure if it’s for everyone all the time, why this particular ingredient is… Read more »

How Children Can Benefit from Orthotropic Treatment

Much like general dentistry for adults, children’s dental care focuses mainly on prevention. For instance, routine checkups and cleanings help prevent issues like cavities from forming, or detect such issues early enough to treat them effectively. Sometimes, however, your child’s oral health concerns may not be as simple as tooth decay. For example, issues such… Read more »