Month: May 2014

Involve your Family in Excellent Oral Hygiene

If anyone in your family has unhealthy teeth and gums, the domino effect on future oral and overall health is scarier than you may realize. Certain dangerous health conditions (heart disease, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer’s) are all linked to the bacteria which breed in your mouth. If you want to eradicate these “bad guys” so you… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth And Seniors

Do you flinch because your teeth hurt when you drink something hot or cold?  Have you noticed your gums lately? Do they look red or swollen, or are they pink and healthy? As we age, so do our teeth and gums. Our teeth can become discolored, stained, and worn down. Our teeth are much more… Read more »

Answers To Your Questions About Tooth Fillings

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIH), 59% of adolescents 12 to 19, 92% of adults 30 to 64, and 92% of seniors 65 and older have had dental caries (cavities) in their permanent teeth. Tooth decay is a progressive bacterial infection affecting your teeth. It continues to eat away your… Read more »

Your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Similar to the high temperature of a fever, discomfort or pain related to TMJ disorder signals an issue, but it does not point directly to the source. Common symptoms such as a headache, earache, or muscle soreness in the face could point to other outliers.

Gum Disease Symptoms And Treatment

Most people are aware that gum disease exists. However, a large majority of people don’t understand how the disease progresses or how to prevent it from occurring. Nearly half of adult Americans have a gum condition diagnosed as gingivitis or periodontitis. No matter the stage, the disease is serious and can cause more grief if… Read more »

A General Dentistry Quiz On Checkups and Cleanings

Have you done your spring cleaning, yet? Like spring cleaning, dental checkups and cleanings tend to get swept under the rug. People are busy with work, family, and hobbies, so much so, that visiting the dentist remains in the back of their mind as a reaction instead of a proactive effort. If you didn’t already… Read more »

An Oral Cavity Isn’t An Empty Hole

Hopefully, you’ve been teaching your children to brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss in between meals to ensure oral health until  their regular dental checkup and cleaning. Otherwise, disease that affect the teeth and gums could develop, specifically cavities.  According to National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 42 percent of… Read more »

Children And Their Habits

Font desk from another angle

As children mature from infancy to toddler to teen, they experience a variety of situations that may cause a myriad of emotions. Most of these emotions they will experience for the first time, and what better way to handle the external pressure than to revert to comfort. A pacifier or thumb, similar to blankets and… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy Relieves Pain

A rumor spreads similar to bacteria in the mouth. If there is a lack of preventive oral care, the infectious bacteria will grow and flourish. Similar to this concept, rumor’s spread due to a lack of knowledge. As someone brings forth a rumor, those without the know-how or knowledge of mentioned subject typically fall into… Read more »

Beat Bad Breath

Bad breath (halitosis) exists as a condition familiar among many adults. The presence of unpleasant breath affects social and intimate interactions. People generally mask the issue with gum, mints, or mouthwashes, but their efforts produce temporary results.  Certain foods and health conditions paired with poor oral hygiene typically cause some kind of foul odor to… Read more »