Travel Time Tips: Taking Care Of Your Smile!

When summer is in full swing, one of the priorities (a most exciting one, we might add) is your summer travel. Do you have plans for the warmer months? If so, there’s a lot to consider. Once you’re through with making the arrangements, booking flights, getting your car checked, finding your suitcase, packing, and more, you may suddenly realize you forgot something: Taking care of your dental care in Livonia, MI before you head out! Not to worry, that’s what we are here for: To help you prepare your smile for fun and to remind you of some very helpful tips you may not have considered before.


Charcoal Toothpaste Trend: Worth It?

When you want to whiten your smile, you may find that there are loads of trends out there that will promise to offer you the outcome you’re hoping to achieve! Unfortunately, though you may try to ignore the facts, you know deep down that they’re not all going to provide you with safe and effective results. So, when you hear about the new treatment on the block (activated charcoal toothpaste) and you see some exceptional results in images and videos online, you may find yourself wondering: Is this a good idea as a teeth whitening solution? The answer is no! Let’s get busy with explaining some reasons why.


Make Smile Care A Priority When You Experience Dental Pain

Problems with dental pain and sensitivity can be alarming, and intrude on your day, but some people may try to ignore the problem instead of bringing it to their dentist’s attention. Ignoring discomfort does more than just put you at risk for letting a problem go without diagnosis. By the time you seek care, complications may have arisen. Your Livonia, MI dentist is ready to help you take care of a problem that is causing you discomfort. Modern restorative dental treatments can lead to fantastic outcomes, as you can have your issue fully remedied, and receive a life-like dental filling or dental crown. You should know that your dentist may also be able to provide help if you are experiencing pains in your jaw, face, head, or neck. (more…)

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry With This Helpful Quiz!

What kind of outcome can you expect when you undergo a professional cosmetic treatment? The changes made will depend on what procedure you receive. For instance, a professional whitening treatment exclusively focuses on making your teeth brighter, but porcelain veneers can address discoloration, and many other problems. One thing you can count on is that your Livonia, MI dentist can recommend a procedure that effectively addresses whatever concerns you have about how you look. Because several different treatments are offered at our location, it is possible to target and eliminate a wide range of issues. (more…)

How Do You Know if Your Child Needs Orthotropics?

Some issues with your child’s oral and facial development can be obvious. For instance, severe malocclusion (tooth misalignment) can become apparent even before all of the teeth have grown in. However, some issues aren’t as immediately obvious, such as an abnormality in your child’s facial growth and development. Today, we examine a few such issues, and how orthotropics can help your child overcome them. (more…)

Protecting TMJ Health: Crazy Easy Changes

There are some changes that you can make to protect your TMJ health that you may never have considered before. As for many patients who are just learning that TMJ disorder is a problem affecting their oral health, you may discover that as you step along on this journey toward keeping your jaw joints safe, you learn new things all the time! One of them will include surprisingly simple things that you do every day that, if you change them, can yield relief!


Improving Facial Development with Orthotropics

When you think of your child’s long-term oral health, the importance of a straight and properly developed set of teeth is obvious. However, their teeth and jawbones are intricately connected to their facial structures, as well, and the proper growth and development of these structures is just as important. The goal of orthotropics is to ensure that proper growth and development to optimize children’s oral health, as well as a number of other issues that involve their oral and facial structures. (more…)

Dangerous Issues That Seem Harmless

As humans, we are constantly making on-the-fly decisions throughout our days. Coffee or no coffee with breakfast? Take medicine for a headache or wait for it to go away? Worry about your oral health symptom or give it some time? When it comes to the last of these, as you can probably guess, we don’t generally suggest ignoring symptoms. While they may seem perfectly harmless to you, they can often imply that something much more serious is happening! Let us decide for you what’s really happening.


Meeting with the Pioneers of Orthotropics

Part of our dedication to providing top-notch dental treatment to all of our patients includes learning and implementing innovative techniques such as orthotropics to improve every aspect of patients’ oral health. To ensure optimal quality in every treatment plan he designs, Dr. Stewart has trained in orthotropics directly under Dr. John Mew, who developed the alternative treatment. Dr. Stewart regularly meets with Dr. Mew and Dr. John Stepanovich, one of the earliest practitioners of orthotropics, as part of an ongoing orthotropic study group. (more…)

Chewing: Things That Shouldn’t Happen

There is one primary thing that should happen when you chew: It should work well, allowing you to comfortably break down your food. However, if this isn’t happening, then it’s important for you to recognize that all is likely not on track with your oral health. What types of problems may occur, you wonder? Let’s work through some possible issues that can get in the way of otherwise effective chewing (and remember, if these or other concerns happen, it’s time to see us).