What Does Orthotropics Treat?

There are a number of issues that children can exhibit that may not be obviously connected to their oral and facial growth. Yet, after orthotropics treatment, many children sleep easier, find lasting relief from headaches, have fewer behavioral issues, and more. The connection is that orthotropic treatment corrects several issues that can often lead to sleep breathing disorders, bite complications, and more, which can often affect a child’s mood, behavior, and quality of sleep. (more…)

Allergy Season: 2 Things To Note

The most beautiful season of the year (according to many) is on its way. Before it shows up, is there anything you’re a bit worried about? If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, then the immediate answer is, “Yes!” You know that many are excited about the beautiful pastel colors of spring that show up in fashion, in nature, and just about everywhere else. However, you are more focused on the fact that this time of year means difficulty with your upper airways! So, what does this mean for your oral health as you treat the problem and do your best to breathe freely? We have some things to make note of!


Orthotropics: Fixing Facial Growth Before Problems Develop

When you think of correcting your child’s smile alignment, your first thoughts may be of orthodontic treatment. After all, orthodontic braces are the traditional way of helping a child develop straighter, more attractive, and more functional smiles. However, in some cases, there’s more at play than just the alignment of your child’s teeth. For instance, issues with uneven or disproportionate facial growth can lead to a host of problems down the road, including respiratory issues and sleep breathing disorders. To prevent such problems, your child’s dentist might recommend orthotropics to correct any issues with facial growth. (more…)

Get Better Oral Health: Get Organized!

Did you know that you might be able to get better oral health for yourself by getting organized? If you’ve never really considered the way you set up your days (and months and year, etc.) then you may be overlooking a very important and helpful tool. You may feel like getting dental hygiene and visits accomplished is some sort of very haphazard art form. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel like you’re scrambling with your smile care. Instead, with just a little bit of structure, you can feel like it’s easy breezy.


Does Your Child Have Trouble Sleeping? Ask About Orthotropics

In addition to ensuring their good oral health for life, children often exhibit several unique concerns with the growth and development of their facial and oral structures. For instance, an improperly formed jawbone or narrow palate can lead to a notably smaller airway, which can result in numerous issues such as sleep breathing disorders. Many parents don’t realize that their child’s facial development could be such an issue until their child begins to exhibit signs such as trouble sleeping. After a careful dental examination, the dentist may recommend correcting this growth and development with orthotropics, which alleviates the symptoms of the disorder by correcting the underlying cause of it. (more…)

Responding To Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry!

There might be some questions you have about cosmetic dentistry that you haven’t asked us yet, that you think you should probably not search on the internet for fear of finding misinformation, but that you’d really like answered. To this, we say: Please feel free to ask us! We would much rather you felt confident and fully informed about different areas of dental care, so you feel comfortable accessing them when you are ready.


How Do I Know if My Child Needs Orthotropics?

Properly proportioned facial structures are vital to a child’s wellbeing for numerous reasons, one of which being their risks of developing sleep breathing disorders. A common side effect of narrow or improperly formed arches can affect the development of your child’s airway, which can make it difficult for them to breathe easily while they sleep. As a result, your child may begin to show symptoms that aren’t exactly obvious, but could indicate an issue with facial development that should be addressed with customized orthotropics. (more…)

Dental Hygiene: The Little Details Make A Difference

Rather than allowing your dental hygiene to seem difficult, remember that it’s actually very simple. When you focus on the essentials and associated particulars, which include brushing and flossing, and ensure you’re doing things correctly, you know you’re putting forth your best effort. Add in your preventive visits with us and you’ll be doing a wonderful job! About some of those details: We’d love to clue you in to ensure you’re on target.


What Does Orthotropics Have to Do with Sleep Apnea?

Orthotropics is the treatment of issues such as asymmetrical jawbone structure, oral tissues, and/or facial structures, particularly in children. As a more comprehensive solution than orthodontic treatment, orthotropics involves all of the facial and oral structures, and how their alignment and positions affect each other. Among the many other benefits of focused orthotropic care, one of the most significant advantages is the reduced risks of developing obstructive sleep apnea—a sleep breathing disorder that often results of abnormal oral tissues and structures. (more…)

Gagging: What To Do About It?

What can you do about gagging during dental hygiene, you wonder? You know that your daily brushing and flossing is extremely important, which is why you don’t simply stop doing it. Without it, you will typically end up with a host of problems like cavities, gum disease, and the list keeps going. Here’s the good news: Fortunately, you are not the only person who gags. You are one of many! Some people simply have a highly reactive reflex or make choices that cause this to occur. Take some advice to heart to make your experience much better.