Keep Track Of Your Dry Mouth

Dry Livonia MIMany people wonder to themselves about issues they have with their oral health. Sometimes, you can trick yourself into believing something to be true, like thinking that a perfectly healthy tooth may be loose. The inverse of that can be true, as well.

We will often disregard serious issues as nagging annoyances, rather than medical concerns. One of these situations we see frequently is that of a dry mouth, or issues producing or retaining enough saliva within the mouth. Today, your Livonia, MI Dentist explains what to look for and what to tell your oral health professional. (more…)

Our Aging Mouths

Old Livonia MIAs we grow older, many of us will develop osteoporosis. This is a disease of the skeletal system that leads to weaker bones. While we typically think of this affecting hips and legs, it can also have a damaging impact on your oral health, as well. Your every day routine, as well as checkups and cleanings with your dentist, can do wonders in maintaining your smile.

That is why today, your Livonia, MI dentist imparts some knowledge on how aging affects bone and tooth density. And how best to prepare!

What Is Orthotropic Therapy?

Kid Livonia MIAs humans have evolved, our mouths have grown smaller, as we are more accustomed to softer, cooked foods. While that certainly has had its evolutionary benefits, it also can lead to problems with the growth of the jaw.

Orthotropics is the use of expansion of the dental arch in order to allow for proper healthy growth in children. This science has grown rapidly over the past few years, and today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes to you about how it may help you! (more…)

Routine Cleanings Help In The End

Tooth Livonia MIWe love our daily oral health routine, and we applaud you for being rigorous and thorough every day. But you shouldn’t ignore your regular cleanings and examinations from your dentist.

While it may seem like an unnecessary procedure, it helps remove any plaque or tartar that has built up on the teeth. Your regular daily oral health regimen cannot remove tartar, it must be done at a dental office.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist explains the benefit of a routine cleaning, and reiterates how often you should be seeing your health care professional. It is more important than you think!


Why Only Clean Certain Sides Of Your Teeth?

Floss Livonia MIEvery time you see an oral health professional, you are surely reminded to keep to a strict oral health regimen. This certainly includes twice-daily brushing and an oral rinse. But also comes the one that patients dread the most: flossing.

Maybe it’s the time, or any pain with flossing gums that have not been cared for, but people seem particularly averse to keeping to a strict flossing regimen. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist reiterates the necessity for flossing, and how the time you spend is worth it in the end.


Why Haven’t We Evolved Beyond Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom teeth livonia miThey almost seem like a rite of passage, a sign of adulthood. When you get wisdom teeth coming in, it can be exciting, and it can be worrisome.

It always seems like there are issues with them. They don’t appear to do too much good even when they are healthy. So why do we have them? If we are evolving, are our mouths as well?

It is easier to recognize if there are issues with your wisdom teeth if you know their history and  their biological function. It is important to keep a baseline of your body’s mechanisms, in order to properly identify if it is not working properly.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist touches on the biology behind wisdom teeth so that you can properly monitor yours!


Keep Calm If You’ve Broken A Tooth

Broken Tooth Livonia MIA broken tooth can happen to anyone. An errant baseball or a car wreck might leave your mouth shattered. But most people do not prepare for such a situation, so they are wildly shocked when it happens to them.

But knowing a few simple steps can give you a significant headstart in dealing with this crisis. And maybe just as important, the knowledge may give you a little more sense of calm in the storm than you normally would have. Being able to keep a level head can be very helpful in these instances.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist walks you through what you should do if you have broken your tooth.

Night Guards May Bring Relief

Guad Livonia MIMany people have unconscious movements of the jaw, it is one of the most common places for an anxious brain to let loose. And for the most part, it is usually no serious issue.

However, for a select few, this activity can become seriously harmful to the smile and the jaw. Bruxism, the medical term for persistent teeth grinding, can alter the shape of the teeth or even how they sit within the mouth.

Today, your Livonia, MI dentist writes on how a night guard may be beneficial for your smile. (more…)