Gum Disease: 3 Ways Of Realizing You Have It

You are well aware that one of the main goals with your dental care is to keep your gums healthy. However, when it comes to issues like gingivitis and more advanced gum disease, you may not feel very informed in regard to how you will know it’s happening. Will it simply hurt? Is there some particular symptom that you will notice the moment it begins, you ask yourself? While recognizing the earliest signs of a problem with your gum health (gingivitis) can be a bit tricky, there are a few straightforward ways you can detect it. Join our Livonia, MI team as we examine them.


Does My Child Have A Sleep Disorder?

With orthotropics, our Livonia, MI, team offers treatment for children suffering from difficulty sleeping. Children as young as age three could develop problems with breathing that impact their sleep, or may indicate the presence of a disorder requiring treatment. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the warning signs of trouble and discussing how a custom oral appliance could help.


Cleaning Between Your Teeth: Easy Details

Remember that when you’re keeping your smile healthy and clean that cleaning between your teeth is part of the equation. If you’re focusing only on getting the surfaces of your teeth clean, then you’re only doing a partially good job. “Isn’t this enough?” you might ask yourself. Unfortunately, when we’re discussing your oral health, “enough” is only when you’re completing the cleaning session by getting all dental surfaces clean, which includes the areas between your teeth. So, what can you do to be sure you’re addressing even these little spaces? Our Livonia, MI practice can answer that with easy care reminders!


Want a New Smile This Year? Ask About Porcelain Veneers!

At the beginning of a new year, most people’s thoughts turn to making improvements to their lives and starting things anew. Your smile may not always be one of those things, but if your goal is to improve your wellbeing, then your smile and oral health could be an important place to start. At our Livonia, MI, cosmetic dentist’s office, one or more custom-made porcelain veneers could help you achieve the beautiful, healthy, and youthful smile that you deserve so you can start the new year with the utmost confidence. (more…)

Holiday Hard Candies: The Hidden Hazard You Miss!

As you peruse your options throughout each and every holiday meal and party you attend, you will likely find that there are oh-so-many sweets that tickle your fancy! However, you may feel that you’re heading into Christmastime with a serious eye for those sweets that are (or are not) considered the worst offenders for your smile. You skip the super sticky, stretchy, taffy-like stuff. You avoid anything too chewy. You steer clear of highly crunchy things. You think, as a result, that you’re in the clear when you select hard holiday candies! Of course, you think! This is the best solution when you want some sugar. However, our Livonia, MI team reminds you (in many ways) that hard candies actually pose some serious oral health risks!


When Teeth Feel Sensitive Over The Holidays

What should you do if your smile feels sensitive over the holidays? Well, if it feels sensitive right this minute and you’re worried about it, then you should probably pick up the phone to contact our Livonia, MI team! However, what if your tooth sensitivity happens to crop up once the excitement, travel, parties, and more have begun? Is there anything you can do to make your teeth feel a bit better, to avoid any additional aggravation, and to feel like you have a plan in place, so you can allow yourself to relax and have fun? Why, of course there is!