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Things That Are Always, Always True For Your Smile

It’s easy to make assumptions about your smile. Unfortunately, when you make guesses about your oral health, dental care, and all that you can achieve with our Livonia, MI team’s help, you often overlook a wealth of opportunities that could really benefit you! You may also overlook some potential harm-causing culprits that you can easily… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Is It Too Messy For You?

If you’re the type of person who likes experiences to be neat and the idea of getting sticky and dirty is absolutely distressing to you, then a less-than-organized dental hygiene session might drive you a little bit crazy. However, since there’s toothpaste and saliva involved, there’s spitting into the sink, placing your fingers in your… Read more »

Gum Disease: 3 Ways Of Realizing You Have It

You are well aware that one of the main goals with your dental care is to keep your gums healthy. However, when it comes to issues like gingivitis and more advanced gum disease, you may not feel very informed in regard to how you will know it’s happening. Will it simply hurt? Is there some… Read more »

Cleaning Between Your Teeth: Easy Details

Remember that when you’re keeping your smile healthy and clean that cleaning between your teeth is part of the equation. If you’re focusing only on getting the surfaces of your teeth clean, then you’re only doing a partially good job. “Isn’t this enough?” you might ask yourself. Unfortunately, when we’re discussing your oral health, “enough”… Read more »

3 Things To Throw Away (And When)

When you think about your dental hygiene, you may spend most of your time thinking about how to use products properly and how to keep your smile clean. As a result, you don’t spend much time focused on what you should be throwing out once you’ve used it or exactly how long a particular product… Read more »

Cold Days And Dry Lips: What To Do?

It is truly amazing how just a bit of a dip in the temperatures can bring your lips from enjoying daily comfort to feeling like crinkled up tissue paper that is about to crack. Nobody wants to experience dry winter lips and you may even have some idea that they’re coming. However, you don’t know… Read more »

If You’re Not Flossing, Now Is Definitely A Good Time To Start

There might be oh so many reasons you’re not flossing! Maybe you used to floss your smile but you stopped. Perhaps you have never really flossed and, as a result, you don’t really think about it very much. Maybe you floss sometimes but you’re feeling frustrated with flossing, so you can’t seem to stick with… Read more »

Fluoride: Who Does It Help And How?

You may wonder who fluoride helps. You know that kids need to get enough of it. You know that we generally suggest toothpaste that contains fluoride in it for yourself and your kids, too. However, you might find that you’re not really sure if it’s for everyone all the time, why this particular ingredient is… Read more »

Making Dental Hygiene Easier On Your Hands

Do you ever find that even though you have no reason to avoid your dental hygiene and you are perfectly happy to clean your smile, it’s often hard on your hands? Whether holding floss steady and guiding it between teeth is difficult or if holding the slim handle of your toothbrush causes your hands to… Read more »

Dental Sealants Quiz: Do You Know The Facts?

If you know a lot about dental sealants, then you may have only a random question about them here and there. However, if you don’t really know a lot about them except that they can help prevent cavities, it will most certainly benefit you to gain a quick education! For instance, you might know that… Read more »