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Does Your Child Have Trouble Sleeping? Ask About Orthotropics

In addition to ensuring their good oral health for life, children often exhibit several unique concerns with the growth and development of their facial and oral structures. For instance, an improperly formed jawbone or narrow palate can lead to a notably smaller airway, which can result in numerous issues such as sleep breathing disorders. Many… Read more »

What Does Orthotropics Have to Do with Sleep Apnea?

Orthotropics is the treatment of issues such as asymmetrical jawbone structure, oral tissues, and/or facial structures, particularly in children. As a more comprehensive solution than orthodontic treatment, orthotropics involves all of the facial and oral structures, and how their alignment and positions affect each other. Among the many other benefits of focused orthotropic care, one… Read more »

Should I Consider Orthotropics for My Child?

Many parents wonder if they’re children will need orthodontic treatment at some point, and whether or not that treatment will prove successful in the long run. However, sometimes, the development of a child’s oral and facial structures requires more comprehensive correction than orthodontic braces can provide. In such cases, your child’s dentist may suggest orthotropics,… Read more »

Your Child’s Smile: Answering Important Questions!

Your smile is already fully developed, so you don’t need to worry about treating it as it grows. It’s all done and you have gained a fairly thorough understanding of what it needs. When you’re figuring out how to best rely on dental care for your child, however, things are different. Your child or teen’s… Read more »

What Is Orthotropics?

Children’s oral health and development are intricately connected to the development of their facial and airway structures. The point of myofunctional orthodontics, also known as orthotropics, is to help ensure that all of these interconnected structures develop and grow properly. Compared to conventional orthodontic treatment, which focuses mainly on tooth alignment and jawbone positions, orthotropics… Read more »

Orthotropics for Better Oral and Facial Development

While there are several different approaches to traditional orthodontic treatment, the goal is always the same: to correct bite misalignments, preferably early, to improve bite development and function. Likewise, there are several different approaches to orthotropics; however, the goals are more complex than just correcting bite alignment. As a child’s oral and facial structures grow,… Read more »