Month: July 2012

Everything You Need to Know about Inlays and Onlays from Your Livonia Dentist

When it comes to addressing cavities, most people think fillings are their only option. Many are unaware that our Livonia dentist offers a stronger variety of fillings that is more conservative than porcelain crowns.  Our Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart will explain everything you need to know about these strong dental restorations. What are inlays… Read more »

Healthy Sugar Substitutes from Our Livonia Dentist

If tooth enamel was Superman, sugar would be kryptonite. Sugar is just about the worst thing for your teeth. When mixed with bacteria in your mouth, it quickly becomes enamel-eroding acid that causes tooth decay. That’s why virtually every list of cavity-prevention tips begin with ‘avoid sugary food and beverages.’ But we know it’s hard… Read more »

Smile, It’s Good For You

One of the benefits of having a healthy mouth is that you have a smile you can be proud of. A smile can be more than the outward expression of pleasure. As our Livonia family dentist, Dr. James Stewart, can tell you, smiling can boost your health and inspire people around you. It’s Like Medicine… Read more »

Babies and Teething in Livonia

Our hopefully lifelong relationship with our teeth starts at a young age—and usually with some swelling and discomfort. “Teething” is the eruption of a child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) and occurs between three months and 12 months of age. Today, our Livonia family dentist Dr. James Stewart shares some information about teething and how you… Read more »

The Dreaded Cavity

Nothing can take the joy out of your semi-annual dental checkup like learning you have a cavity. From a young age, we’re told to brush our teeth to keep from getting cavities. But what causes cavities? And how can we keep from getting them? Today, our Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart answers those questions in… Read more »

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning in Livonia

It has been reported that 20 to 80 percent of people fear visiting the dentist. With regular dental cleanings and checkups being such an integral part of both oral and overall health, this fear can be detrimental to one’s dental hygiene. To help put those fears at ease, our Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart would… Read more »

Treating Bad Breath in Livonia

No one is safe from the occasional bout of bad breath caused by onions or garlic, but what if you have bad breath all the time? Also known as halitosis, foul breath can prevent you from fully enjoying life if you’re constantly worried about offending friends and coworkers every time you open your mouth. Livonia… Read more »

Foods to Avoid at Your Fourth of July Picnic

The Fourth of July in the US has become synonymous with picnics, barbecues, and pool parties with lots of soda and potato chips. While it’s become an American tradition, the foods popular at Independence Day gatherings can wreak havoc on your teeth. Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart has some helpful advice about what to avoid… Read more »