Month: July 2018

Signs You Probably Need A TMJ Consultation

You might have heard that it’s absolutely possible to deal with TMJ disorder and related problems without exactly knowing that you’re experiencing them. Did you know that discomfort and little quirks that you pass off as just part of your smile can end up being signs that you are having trouble with your jaw joints… Read more »

Getting The Whiter Smile You Really Want

What you really want for your smile, in addition to exceptional oral health, of course, is for it to look beautiful, bright, vibrant, white, and stain-free! You might have some ideas about how to make this a reality for yourself. However, if you haven’t talked with us about this hope and dream of yours in… Read more »

Travel Time Tips: Taking Care Of Your Smile!

When summer is in full swing, one of the priorities (a most exciting one, we might add) is your summer travel. Do you have plans for the warmer months? If so, there’s a lot to consider. Once you’re through with making the arrangements, booking flights, getting your car checked, finding your suitcase, packing, and more,… Read more »

Charcoal Toothpaste Trend: Worth It?

When you want to whiten your smile, you may find that there are loads of trends out there that will promise to offer you the outcome you’re hoping to achieve! Unfortunately, though you may try to ignore the facts, you know deep down that they’re not all going to provide you with safe and effective… Read more »

Make Smile Care A Priority When You Experience Dental Pain

Problems with dental pain and sensitivity can be alarming, and intrude on your day, but some people may try to ignore the problem instead of bringing it to their dentist’s attention. Ignoring discomfort does more than just put you at risk for letting a problem go without diagnosis. By the time you seek care, complications… Read more »