Month: January 2015

Improving Your Home Preventive Care

The best way to promote the long-term oral health you desire, as well as a beautiful smile, is to practice excellent preventive care at home. While many patients think they are doing their best by brushing and flossing every day, we often find that they are missing out on some very essential aspects of achieving the… Read more »

FAQs: Your Curiosities About Teeth Whitening

Has the idea of brightening up your smile crossed your mind but you are not quite sure where to begin? Before you run to the local drugstore for over-the-counter whitening solutions, do yourself a favor and take a look at a list of FAQs we have gathered. By learning the answers to common questions about… Read more »

The Benefits of Pediatric Visits

You do everything you can to protect your son or daughter. You also do everything you can to protect his or her smile. We understand that you may have a hard time scheduling your little one’s first appointment – especially if you had dental experiences in the past that were less than thrilling. However, we feel… Read more »

Could Your Teeth Be Stronger?

Most of us learn to keep our teeth clean as children, and throughout the rest of our lives, with proper dental hygiene at home. However, besides staying clean, your teeth also need to remain strong enough to perform their duties, such as biting and chewing your food, without suffering damage. In addition to good dental… Read more »