Month: May 2017

Professional Whitening You Can Use At Home

If you have stained teeth, you may feel embarrassed about your appearance. We understand, and have a solution to discoloration! With our professional teeth whitening system, we can brighten your smile from home. You can enjoy teeth free of discoloration with a reduced risk of sensitivity as well!

How Do Veneers Improve A Smile?

Last week, we discussed cosmetic dentistry. Today, we would like to take a closer look at one of our cosmetic procedures: Porcelain veneers. We can use them to literally transform a smile, changing the appearance of the tooth. How do veneers improve smiles? What does placing them involve?

Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry With Today’s Quiz!

Do you know what cosmetic dentistry is? Well, simply put, these are procedures that are meant to improve the beauty of your teeth, addressing common esthetic concerns, such as discoloration. We offer a variety of professional cosmetic treatments to help patients enjoy attractive and healthier smiles.

Do You Have Questions About Senior Care?

We often talk about dental care for adults and children, but what about seniors? As we grow older, the risk factors for a number of oral health concerns can increase, such as tooth loss. We can provide a gentle and caring approach to senior care, happily addressing any questions or concerns our patients may have… Read more »

3 Ways We Use Technology To Improve Smiles

Our team strives to help patients of all ages, from children to seniors, enjoy healthier and more beautiful smiles. To do this, we embrace the latest technology to accurately diagnose oral health concerns, allowing us to choose the right procedures and craft personalized treatment plans. We use technology to help improve smiles.