Month: November 2020

Children’s Orthotropic Care With Biobloc

In our last blog, we explained how orthodontic treatment could help adults breathe easier and enjoy improved facial esthetics. However, we also have the same treatment options to help children, guiding the growth of their jaw and facial structures to improve oral health. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist will look at children’s orthotropic… Read more »

Adult Orthotropic Care With Homeoblock™

As we grow, sometimes issues with the development of our jaw and oral structures could impact how well we breathe at night, our facial structure, and lead to the onset of issues like sleep apnea, TMD, or even bruxism. In childhood, we correct these issues and guide the growth of the jaw with orthotropics. But… Read more »

The Benefits Of Bridging Your Smile’s Gap

When you lose a tooth, you have a gap in your smile that could be embarrassing. However, this gap could also cause major complications for your smile’s health! To avoid these complications and maintain a beautiful smile, you need to bridge this gap. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist explains how we accomplish this… Read more »