Month: May 2015

What Exactly Is A Dental Cleaning?

You’re probably aware that the foundation of excellent dental care is build upon preventive visits to our practice in addition to consistent home care. However, just because you know we suggest six-month dental cleanings and checkups does not necessarily mean that you know what to expect. For some patients, feeling informed adds a level of… Read more »

Leah’s Happy Hearts Family Fun Walk

Do you enjoy active events? Perhaps you’re often on the lookout for important activities that take place in your community, which will offer support or that will shed light on an important cause. If so, you have the chance to join your fellow Livonia town members in supporting local children with this wonderful event.

Learn More About Deep Cleanings

In most cases, if your gums are healthy, we will suggest that you visit us once every six months for a routine dental cleaning and a checkup. However, if you have visited us recently and we have suggested a deep cleaning to address your gum disease, something not-so-great is going on with your gum tissue…. Read more »

Preventive Dentistry: Maintaining Oral Health

Your smile is composed of living tissue, including your jawbone, teeth, gums, and surrounding supportive structures. Within your mouth lives plaque, which sticks to your teeth on a daily basis. The bacteria within plaque release acids while they digest carbohydrates that they feed on in your mouth. When your tissues are exposed to these acids,… Read more »

Full Mouth Reconstruction: Do You Need It?

Are you a patient who has been avoiding a visit to see us because you’re embarrassed by your current state of oral health? Perhaps you have been taking care of your teeth but you haven’t been to see a dentist in quite some time. Maybe you fell into lax habits for a while but you… Read more »

Addressing Root Canal Treatment Concerns: Q&A

There are few things more overwhelming to our patients than when we recommend root canal treatment to improve an unhealthy tooth. From our point of view, this is a dental care suggestion that should be met with extraordinary enthusiasm and happiness. After all, root canals can actually save your tooth from the need for a… Read more »

Memorial Day Ceremony

Though the long weekend associated with Memorial Day is always a nice break, you may feel a bit more focused on marking this special day by giving your appreciation to the Veterans that are to be celebrated. If you would like to take part in paying homage, you and your family are invited to join… Read more »

Dental Implants: Your Mini Glossary

Dental implants provide patients with an exceptional solution to replace missing teeth, whether you are missing one or even all of your teeth. As you continue your journey into the world of implants, you have probably recognized that in addition to many advantages to learn about, there are also some new terms with which you are… Read more »

Addressing Complete Tooth Loss

We understand that you may feel somewhat embarrassed by the idea of visiting us to discuss your complete tooth loss. The good news is that this is nothing new – we are dental professionals whose goal includes one thing: Caring for your smile. So if you’re missing all of the teeth on one or your… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Partial Dentures?

Is your smile not what it used to be thanks to tooth loss? Even if you are only missing a few teeth, the results can become emotionally devastating and quite annoying on a daily basis. Rather than allow yourself to view your smile in a negative light, while attempting to revise your daily eating and… Read more »