Month: October 2018

Will Orthotropic Treatment Prevent Misalignment?

When misalignment develops, children may need orthodontics in their teens and adult years. But what if treatment in early childhood could prevent the onset of misalignment? In today’s blog, we’re looking at how orthotropics could help children in Livonia, MI, enjoy healthier and straighter smile.

Cozy, Cold Weather Treats: Smile Foes!

With the changing of everything, from the weather to the decor you see in stores to the cold-weather holidays that are coming, the world seems to turn on its axis a bit as autumn and winter arrive. When it comes to your smile health and its beauty, too, this may be a time for you… Read more »

How Do Orthotropics Improve A Child’s Sleep?

We offer a number of procedures designed to help the health and appearance of a child’s smile. But did you know we also have treatments to help treat an oral health issue related to poor sleep and behavioral issues? Orthotropics help children in Livonia, MI, enjoy better oral health and a protect them from serious… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: Habits You Don’t Realize Make Things Worse

There are things you know that you can do to make your TMJ disorder better. First and foremost, of course, that includes visiting our Livonia, MI team as you discover more about and head home with TMJ treatment to allow your jaws to heal. While this is certainly to your advantage in a big way,… Read more »

5 Benefits Of Orthotropic Treatment

Did you know obstructed breathing in children could lead to an array of complications, from poor sleep to problems with behavior? In order to improve breathing and correct the growth of oral structures, we may recommend orthotropic treatment. Find out what benefits orthotropics offer families in Livonia, MI.

Cosmetic Dentistry: 3 Little Fixes We Definitely Offer

There may be some issues that affect your smile, which end up seeming so small to you that you assume cosmetic care won’t be something we will offer. You assume we will consider the blemish or concern “insignificant” and, as a result, you decide to just keep the worry to yourself, rather than to let… Read more »

Will My Child Sleep Better With Orthotropics?

Did you know that breathing issues may lead to problems with your child’s ability to sleep? Without proper rest, school performance can suffer and behavior issues may develop. In order to help children rest easier and avoid complications later in life, we may suggest orthotropic treatment for kids in Livonia, MI.

For Your Healthy Smile: Fluoride, Flossing, And Frequency!

There are so many ways to look at your smile and your oral health, as you do your best to keep it in excellent condition. Of course, the main approach is simply to remember that you should practice home and professional preventive care, so you don’t end up with any type of concern, whether it’s… Read more »

How Do Breathing Issues Impact Child Behavior?

Many children in the United States are having trouble breathing at night. When airways are obstructed, they may not be receiving the proper rest they need, even if it seems like they’re sleeping great. In today’s blog, we’re discussing when our Livonia, MI, patients should talk to us about orthotopic treatment and how addressing these… Read more »

The “Should” Questions We Are Happy To Answer

There are so many “should” questions that can pop into your head on any given day. While they may apply to just about anything, since you’re practicing dental hygiene on a daily basis, it’s quite likely that you have some should-I questions show up regarding your oral health quite regularly. The interesting thing about these… Read more »