Month: December 2018

Want a New Smile This Year? Ask About Porcelain Veneers!

At the beginning of a new year, most people’s thoughts turn to making improvements to their lives and starting things anew. Your smile may not always be one of those things, but if your goal is to improve your wellbeing, then your smile and oral health could be an important place to start. At our… Read more »

Will Orthotropics Offer My Child A Better Night’s Sleep?

If your little one has trouble sleeping, and fights exhaustion during the day, then the issue may have to do with breathing. Poor breathing at night due to obstruction could lead to serious complications for your child, including problems at school. Fortunately, we offer orthotropics to help families in Livonia, MI!

Holiday Hard Candies: The Hidden Hazard You Miss!

As you peruse your options throughout each and every holiday meal and party you attend, you will likely find that there are oh-so-many sweets that tickle your fancy! However, you may feel that you’re heading into Christmastime with a serious eye for those sweets that are (or are not) considered the worst offenders for your… Read more »

How Does Sleep Loss Impact Your Child?

When children lose sleep, they often have trouble functioning at school and in their daily life. Serious complications can arise, including issues reaching emotional growth milestones. Issues with the growth of their smiles could impact their risk of poor sleep, but fortunately we can help Livonia, MI, patients with orthotropics.

When Teeth Feel Sensitive Over The Holidays

What should you do if your smile feels sensitive over the holidays? Well, if it feels sensitive right this minute and you’re worried about it, then you should probably pick up the phone to contact our Livonia, MI team! However, what if your tooth sensitivity happens to crop up once the excitement, travel, parties, and… Read more »

Orthotropics: What You Need to Know

When children have trouble sleeping and seem to struggle in school, these two issues may be connected. In addition, the source of these trouble could be connected to their smile, particularly, the development and growth of their jaw and oral structures. To help children in Livonia, MI, with these issues, we may prescribe orthotropic treatment.

Tooth Loss And The Holidays

There’s a lot to think about as you prepare for the holidays, which means if you’re dealing with tooth loss, you may feel overwhelmed. As you are already focused on so many things, experiencing any level of stress in regard to your oral health can make things so much less festive and happy! Remember: Even… Read more »