Month: November 2015

A Look at Dental Care Through the Centuries

In today’s world of dentistry, our collective dental knowledge of is vast enough to require separate dental specialties to address the numerous aspects of oral health. For instance, endodontists deal specifically with issues concerning the interior of the tooth (i.e., tooth pulp infections, severely damaged teeth, root canal treatments, etc.), while periodontists address concerns of… Read more »

Blessings In A Backpack

If the gift of giving is the aspect of holiday time you love most, you likely look for ways to provide some extra joy during this season. Fortunately, in addition to giving presents to friends and loved ones, there’s an enjoyable upcoming event that will provide assistance to a non-profit raising money to address weekend childhood… Read more »

Ask Questions During Checkups

Do you know exactly what’s happening during each step of your dental checkup? Are you curious about other aspects of this preventive care visit, such as how often you should come back to see us? Perhaps other inquiries are floating around in your mind regarding your preventive dental care. You will be happy to learn… Read more »

Operation Christmas Child

Do you love the holiday season in part because it is the season of giving? Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to contribute to children in other countries who do not have the opportunity to celebrate and open gifts? If so, this upcoming event is sure to be something you will embrace.

Quiz: Dental Cleanings

How much do you know about your dental cleanings and why you schedule them? Do you keep up with them consistently or do you tend to schedule your preventive care visits when you suddenly remember it’s been quite a while since you’re last trip to see us? Perhaps you’re not even quite certain how often… Read more »

Tips For Fresher Breath

Ask a friend or loved one what to do about your bad breath, and you can be sure you will receive a variety of suggestions. Some may tell you about their favorite mouthwash, while others will insist you avoid certain foods. It’s true, of course, that pungent foods like garlic can result in immediate unsavory breath… Read more »

Quiz Your Periodontal Disease Knowledge

Are you fully informed about periodontal disease? Do you know what it takes to avoid it, how to identify symptoms, and when to schedule a visit with us if something seems slightly off? If you are not quite sure if you’re a gum-disease-knowledge master or if you still have a bit of education to soak… Read more »