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How Does Orthotropic Treatment Help Smiles Develop?

As children grow, their smiles develop and change. For some, complications may arise during this process, leading to problems with sleep or tooth alignment. In order to help our young patients in Livonia, MI, enjoy optimal oral health, we may suggest orthotropic treatment for patients as young as age three.

Do You Have Questions About Our Orthotropic Treatments?

As your children grow, their oral tissues and structures grow and change as well. However, issues with the development of the jaw and other oral tissues may impact their overall health, leading to problems breathing and sleeping. Fortunately, we can help children in Livonia, MI, with orthotropics.

How Children Can Benefit from Orthotropic Treatment

Much like general dentistry for adults, children’s dental care focuses mainly on prevention. For instance, routine checkups and cleanings help prevent issues like cavities from forming, or detect such issues early enough to treat them effectively. Sometimes, however, your child’s oral health concerns may not be as simple as tooth decay. For example, issues such… Read more »

How Do Breathing Issues Impact Children?

As children grow and change, they sometimes encounter issues with breathing. These problems can arise due to the growth and change of the oral tissues and the jaw. Over time, they may lead to an array of complications, such as sleep apnea and TMJ disorder. Fortunately, we can help children in Livonia, MI, with orthotropic… Read more »

Does Your Child Have Problems At School?

Does your little one experience behavioral issues at school? If so, we know how distressing this can be. However, you may be surprised to learn that behavioral issues may be linked to poor sleep, which in turn could be linked to the development of your child’s oral tissues. We often help patients in Livonia, MI,… Read more »

Why Can’t My Child Sleep Well?

Does your child often head to school feeling exhausted? Lack of sleep, or poor sleep, can impact performance at school, causing moodiness and even leading to behavioral issues. However, you may be surprised to learn that poor sleep can be linked to the development of your child’s oral tissues. Often, we can help children in… Read more »

What Does Orthotropic Treatment Involve?

Often, serious health problems later in life, such as a sleep disorder, develop due to issues with formation of oral tissues in childhood. In order to correct these issues in childhood, we often turn to orthotropic treatment. What does orthotropic treatment involve?

Does Your Child Suffer From Teeth Grinding?

For children, brief periods of teeth grinding are not unusual. However, if this issue is persistent, and if your child also experiences issues with sleep (trouble waking, daytime drowsiness, sleepwalking or talking) then you may need to talk about orthotropic treatment. In today’s blog we’re answering questions about orthotropics for our patients in Livonia, MI.

How Do You Know if Your Child Needs Orthotropics?

Some issues with your child’s oral and facial development can be obvious. For instance, severe malocclusion (tooth misalignment) can become apparent even before all of the teeth have grown in. However, some issues aren’t as immediately obvious, such as an abnormality in your child’s facial growth and development. Today, we examine a few such issues,… Read more »

Improving Facial Development with Orthotropics

When you think of your child’s long-term oral health, the importance of a straight and properly developed set of teeth is obvious. However, their teeth and jawbones are intricately connected to their facial structures, as well, and the proper growth and development of these structures is just as important. The goal of orthotropics is to… Read more »