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What Does Orthotropic Treatment Involve?

Often, serious health problems later in life, such as a sleep disorder, develop due to issues with formation of oral tissues in childhood. In order to correct these issues in childhood, we often turn to orthotropic treatment. What does orthotropic treatment involve?

Does Your Child Suffer From Teeth Grinding?

For children, brief periods of teeth grinding are not unusual. However, if this issue is persistent, and if your child also experiences issues with sleep (trouble waking, daytime drowsiness, sleepwalking or talking) then you may need to talk about orthotropic treatment. In today’s blog we’re answering questions about orthotropics for our patients in Livonia, MI.

How Do You Know if Your Child Needs Orthotropics?

Some issues with your child’s oral and facial development can be obvious. For instance, severe malocclusion (tooth misalignment) can become apparent even before all of the teeth have grown in. However, some issues aren’t as immediately obvious, such as an abnormality in your child’s facial growth and development. Today, we examine a few such issues,… Read more »

Improving Facial Development with Orthotropics

When you think of your child’s long-term oral health, the importance of a straight and properly developed set of teeth is obvious. However, their teeth and jawbones are intricately connected to their facial structures, as well, and the proper growth and development of these structures is just as important. The goal of orthotropics is to… Read more »

Meeting with the Pioneers of Orthotropics

Part of our dedication to providing top-notch dental treatment to all of our patients includes learning and implementing innovative techniques such as orthotropics to improve every aspect of patients’ oral health. To ensure optimal quality in every treatment plan he designs, Dr. Stewart has trained in orthotropics directly under Dr. John Mew, who developed the… Read more »

Orthotropics – More than Just Straighter Teeth

When it comes to children’s dental health, alignment is most often associated with the layout of their teeth and symmetry of their jaws. However, in a more holistic sense, it also means the symmetry, growth, and development of the facial and oral structures that surround the teeth and gums. For instance, if the jawbone and/or… Read more »

Important Questions About Orthotropics

Orthotropics is the comprehensive approach to ensuring optimal growth and development of your child’s face and mouth. This means everything in proper alignment and with enough space for your child’s facial and oral structures to fit comfortably where they’re meant to. Like all forms of dental treatment, orthotropics is a custom-designed treatment plan that is… Read more »

Are There Any Benefits to Orthotropics?

When choosing any dental treatment for your child, it’s important to know how that treatment will help your child’s condition as well as what benefits it will have in the long term. With orthotropics, those benefits are many and extend beyond just your child’s oral health. Orthotropics is the treatment of abnormal and/or asymmetrical facial… Read more »

Can Orthotropics Prevent Sleep Apnea for Children?

Prevention is the main focus of all children’s dentistry treatments. Besides checkups and cleanings to ensure a healthy smile, that prevention most often occurs in the form of treatments such as dental sealants that keep teeth safe from cavity-causing bacteria. Sometimes, however, it may require more involved treatment. For instance, orthotropics treatment prevents sleep apnea… Read more »

Comparing Orthotropics to Orthodontics

In many ways, orthotropics and orthodontics share several similarities. Both treatment plans focus on improving oral health development through careful realignment, and both are often prescribed to help children avoid more serious oral health concerns in the future. However, deciding on the best treatment option for your child depends on the specific concerns your child… Read more »