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Root Canal Therapy Helps Protect Infected Teeth

When a tooth is infected, this could mean serious discomfort and even the risk of losing the tooth completely. Which is why we offer endodontic treatment to address interior concerns like dental infection, protecting smile stability. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about how we save teeth with root canal therapy.

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you are the average United States resident, you may already be familiar with dental fillings. Cavities are a very common dental problem, and you have likely had to get a few teeth restored at some point in your life. Dr. Stewart and his staff in Livonia, MI, offer life-like fillings that blend in with… Read more »

When Your Smile Needs A Bridge

If you have lost teeth, even if you’ve only lost one tooth, you need to see our team. Even minor tooth loss could lead to serious issues and complications for your smile. To handle the loss of one to three teeth in a row, your Livonia, MI, dentist could create and secure a custom and… Read more »

Placing Lifelike Crowns On Your Teeth

livonia dental crowns

When you have a tooth that sustains an injury, develops a serious cavity, or is misshapen, then we can help your oral health and bite function with a crown. In addition, we can offer lifelike options that blend with your smile! In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about our lifelike full and partial… Read more »

Our Team Places Lifelike Dental Fillings

livonia dental fillings

When you have an ache in a tooth, this could mean the presence of tooth decay. Don’t delay treatment, talk to our team about a restoration. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about how we treat cavities with a lifelike dental filling, treating decay in one visit and preventing the onset of an… Read more »

Renew Your Smile After You Break A Tooth

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Did you know that your enamel is the hardest material in the human body? Despite the resilience of your enamel, you can still experience a cracked or broken tooth from a variety of reasons in your daily life. The simple fact of the matter is that your mouth is a functional part of your anatomy,… Read more »

How Dental Crowns Provide Lasting Repair

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Sometimes, you might need assistance in saving one or more of your existing teeth from further harm. If you have experienced a broken or cracked tooth, it is important to speak with your trained dental professional about your options in repair. Your natural enamel provides a durable barrier between your mouth and the soft tissue… Read more »

Lasting Results From Conservative Dental Work

woman happy with her smile cosmetic dentistry concept

If you want to show off big smile improvements, you have to arrange significant dental work…right? What you can find is that a conservative cosmetic dental procedure can have an outstanding effect on the way you look. Our Livonia/Detroit, MI area dental practice can offer striking results in less time, and with less overall work,… Read more »

Find A Lasting Restoration Solution

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Structural concerns involving the teeth can become worrisome for your smile’s future. Whether in need of a reinforcement of your existing enamel or a replacement procedure, the durability of any solution is crucial to its success. This involves multiple aspects of production, including materials and technique. Our increasing technological abilities are also making lasting improvement… Read more »

Sensitivity In The Cold? You’re Not Alone

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Many patients report that they see a wave of dental discomfort when the weather begins to finally turn cold. Here in Michigan, we certainly know how it can seem to hit you right down to your bones. If you are beginning to notice some sensitivity in your smile when you breathe in cold air, it… Read more »