Month: April 2019

Dental Hygiene: Is It Too Messy For You?

If you’re the type of person who likes experiences to be neat and the idea of getting sticky and dirty is absolutely distressing to you, then a less-than-organized dental hygiene session might drive you a little bit crazy. However, since there’s toothpaste and saliva involved, there’s spitting into the sink, placing your fingers in your… Read more »

Try Our Childhood Sleep Health Questionnaire

We offer orthotropics to help children suffering from poor sleep due to obstructed breathing. But how do parents in Livonia, MI, know if their child needs treatment? A good start can be found on our website. With our Childhood Sleep Health Questionnaire, we will assess your child’s sleep habits and help decide if they need… Read more »

3 Things You’re Getting Wrong When You Need A Root Canal

There are some things you might be getting wrong about your oral health needs and about dental care if you’re worried about needing a root canal. The truth is, our Livonia, MI team reminds you, that there’s really nothing to feel concerned about in terms of this type of smile care. However, we know that… Read more »

How Does Biobloc Therapy Help Children Enjoy Better Sleep?

When children develop sleep disorders due to obstructed breathing or issues with the jaw and oral structures, this can lead to major complications at school and home. Fortunately, we have the ability to help families in Livonia, MI, by addressing childhood sleep troubles. As part of our approach to orthotropic treatment, we may recommend a… Read more »

A Quick ABC Of Smile Things To Consider

There are, of course, so many ways to approach your dental care, so many ways to organize your thoughts in terms of your smile health, and that’s just how it goes! What works for one may not work for another. While prevention is pretty cut and dry (you need dental hygiene and visits with us),… Read more »

How Does An Orthotropic Appliance Treat Sleep Disorders?

Often, sleep disorders arise due to complications with breathing. When factors cause children to have trouble breathing freely during the night, they often end up receiving poor and frequently interrupted sleep. In order to help little ones in Livonia, MI, we may suggest custom-made orthotropic appliances. How do these devices help treat common sleep troubles,… Read more »

Athletic Mouthguards: 4 Very Important Considerations

If you have ever watched professional sports on television for even a moment, you know that professional athletes wear mouthguards. You have likely seen this on the court or the field as you watch local, amateur sports, too. However, it may never have registered before that this is for good reason! Though it seems like… Read more »

Does Your Child Have Trouble With Sleep?

We need sleep to make the most of our day, and this is especially true for children. However, sleep disordered breathing and other factors could lead to poor rest and prevent children from enjoying optimal quality of life. If your child has trouble with sleep, then consider talking to your Livonia, MI, dentist. With orthotropics,… Read more »

TMJ Treatment: 3 Things To Consider

What does it take to keep your TMJ health on the straight and narrow? Well, generally speaking, when you’re not dealing with injuries, strain, or misalignment, if you’re just thoughtful about not eating anything that’s too big for your mouth or that’s too stubborn to break down easily, you may be in the clear. However,… Read more »