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Comparing Orthotropics to Orthodontics

In many ways, orthotropics and orthodontics share several similarities. Both treatment plans focus on improving oral health development through careful realignment, and both are often prescribed to help children avoid more serious oral health concerns in the future. However, deciding on the best treatment option for your child depends on the specific concerns your child… Read more »

Orthotropics: 3 Important Details

Have you heard mention of orthotropics, which focuses on guiding your children’s teeth into place even before they have lost all of their baby teeth? Before you ignore this area of care and assume it’s unnecessary (and decide you’ll wait until your kids are teens), think again! Become more familiar with how early care can… Read more »

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

There have been many theories as to what causes crooked teeth, from ridiculous ideas such as inter-racial breeding to the consumption of soft foods. Research has even been done by examining the skulls of hunters and gatherers and comparing them with those of agriculturalists. Other research indicates that the increase in crooked teeth is nutritional… Read more »

Misaligned Bite

Does your child have a misaligned bite? The technical name for a misaligned bite or “bad bite” is malocclusion.  Malocclusion can be caused by genetics, mouth breathing, or bad oral habits such as thumb sucking. Most people, children and adults, have some level of malocclusion, but nothing that usually warrants treatment. Research indicates that 90… Read more »

Braces for Baby Teeth? Livonia Dentist Explains How This Works

While having braces is quite common for teenagers, braces have become much more common amongst kids, too. Since baby teeth predict how and where adult will erupt, ensuring baby teeth remain well aligned is important. Despite this, some parents hold off on orthodontic treatment until their child is older. However, some dental ailments shouldn’t wait… Read more »