Month: January 2018

Super Simple Smile Protection

Before you begin thinking about the possibility of advanced means of prevention for your smile, we encourage you to take a step back. Sometimes, it’s the simplest of smile health tips that can offer you immense safeguarding from damage. Consider things you should not be doing and that you should be doing for an easier… Read more »

Orthotropics for Better Oral and Facial Development

While there are several different approaches to traditional orthodontic treatment, the goal is always the same: to correct bite misalignments, preferably early, to improve bite development and function. Likewise, there are several different approaches to orthotropics; however, the goals are more complex than just correcting bite alignment. As a child’s oral and facial structures grow,… Read more »

Get Serious About Your Smile!

If you aren’t already, then it is most definitely time to get serious about your smile care! Not really something you’ve been all that interested in addressing lately because though you know you should and you do want to do things right, you’re not sure where to begin? This is something we hear frequently! What… Read more »

Things To Do If You Need Relief From Headaches

It’s a common dilemma: You deal with headaches, you hope they’ll go away, they continue to occur, and you find yourself unsure about what to do. One of the things you might not consider is coming in for dental care. Didn’t know that relief for head pain could be found at a dental practice? As… Read more »

Orthotropics: 3 Important Details

Have you heard mention of orthotropics, which focuses on guiding your children’s teeth into place even before they have lost all of their baby teeth? Before you ignore this area of care and assume it’s unnecessary (and decide you’ll wait until your kids are teens), think again! Become more familiar with how early care can… Read more »