Month: November 2022

The Strength Of Implant Technology

Beard Livonia MI

Nobody looks forward to the idea of losing a tooth. For starters, it is a vital piece of your ability to chew and speak. And your smile is one of the first things people see during a first impression, so the idea of having a gap is scary. But one of the most important medical… Read more »

Give Yourself The Gift Of Oral Health

Xmas Livonia MI

This time of year, we are understandably focused on the things we need to do for others. But sometimes, this burden can prevent us from taking the necessary steps to keep us at our best. Our friends and our family rely on us to be the best we possibly can be. Having the best smile… Read more »

Sensitivity In The Cold? You’re Not Alone

Pain Livonia MI

Many patients report that they see a wave of dental discomfort when the weather begins to finally turn cold. Here in Michigan, we certainly know how it can seem to hit you right down to your bones. If you are beginning to notice some sensitivity in your smile when you breathe in cold air, it… Read more »

Improve Your Health With Gum Restoration

Gums Livonia MI

Periodontal disease, or the infection and inflammation of the gum tissue, is an incredibly common occurrence in The United States. Approximately 42% of American adults over the age of thirty suffer from this condition, and that number is growing through barriers to access to care, coupled with increases in our ability to diganose. It has… Read more »

Tracking Wisdom Teeth Early Is Key

Teen Livonia MI

If you are the parent of a teen, it may be hard to know when they are dealing with a serious health concern. Teens themselves might not understand the seriousness of some issues, as well. After all, they have not had the life experience to help determine what changes in their body are normal. So… Read more »