Month: November 2019

Home for the Holidays: Young Adult Edition

It’s that time of year: school holidays have rolled around, families gather, and teens and young adults come back to visit for a few days or weeks. Along with catching up on sports, grades and social activities, these holiday visits offer a chance to make sure family members are staying current with their preventive dental… Read more »

3 Reasons Orthotropics Is a Good Idea for Your Child

Sometimes, your child’s oral health care is fairly routine. In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, your child might need a little extra help preventing things like cavities, but even that is usually a conservative procedure. In some cases, however, the issues your child experiences with their oral and facial structures can be much more… Read more »

Holiday Time: Be Kind To Your TMJs! 

When you’re getting more and more exciting, as the festive holiday time inches its way closer, there’s something that you can easily forget about but that you should really spend some serious time considering: It’s your jaw joints! Yep, when you’re someone who deals with any amount of TMJ disorder, jaw joint stress, etc., then… Read more »

Curious About Orthotropics? Ask Us Any Question!

Children’s dental care isn’t vastly different from caring for adults’ smiles. Many of the most common threats are the same, such as the tooth decay that develops when oral bacteria gather excessively on teeth surfaces. However, at our Livonia, MI, dental office, we know that a child’s oral health poses several unique challenges, most of… Read more »

Thanksgiving Turkey And Your Teeth: The Good, The Bad 

There’s the very good, very exciting side of your Thanksgiving turkey that can make you think this dish is just fantastic for your oral health (and it is quite wonderful!). However, as with just about anything in life, our Livonia, MI team reminds you that it’s all about context. So, before you quickly reach for… Read more »

What Is Orthotropics, and Is It Right for Your Child?

The development of your child’s oral and facial structures is intricately connected, and the relationship between them can influence your child’s quality of life in several important ways. Orthotropics is the diagnosis and treatment of concerns regarding this development, often through the use of custom-designed appliances designed specifically for each child. At our Livonia, MI,… Read more »

Cavities: Reminders That Are Shockingly Easy! 

Of course, if you develop a cavity, our Livonia, MI team offers the beautiful tooth-colored fillings you need to restore your smile, say goodbye to the problem, and get your tooth healthy again (as your smile is back to its old self). What you’d prefer, though, is to just avoid the whole tooth decay experience… Read more »