Month: September 2022

Innocent Foods Can Still Cause Damage

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For many of us, our teeth simply aren’t at the level of whiteness that we desire. Years of stains can build up, giving us an undesirable smile that we may hide from the world. And many of our favorite foods and beverages are particularly harmful to us. Red wine and coffee are frequent targets of… Read more »

Staying On The Dental Cutting Edge

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All fields of medicine are continuously evolving, adding new procedures and dropping old treatment that no longer serves us as a need. This is especially true in dentistry, through both advancements in structure and in fighting infection. Our office enjoys being routine early adopters of new processes in imaging, diganosis, and treatment. There are numerous… Read more »

Your Baby Needs Protecting, Too

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For new parents, and even for those who’ve been around the block before, children’s dentistry can be a little daunting. With all the things you have going on right now in your life, that’s understandable. But that doesn’t make it any less important! Since infant teeth are designed to be lost, parents can believe that… Read more »

A Root Canal May Relieve Your Pain

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If you are suffering from tooth pain, it may be due to a bacterial infection that has reached the pulp and root within. When this happens, the most common solution is what is known as a root canal. People may be familiar with these due to their (rather unfair) depictions in media, but have never… Read more »