Month: December 2013

The Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

Many people don’t realize how precious sleep is until they’re deprived of it. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder that affects approximately 18 million Americans, can deprive you of quality sleep even while you remain unconscious and unaware of your condition. As a Livonia dentist with years of experience in obstructive sleep apnea medicine,… Read more »

How Important Are Children’s First Teeth?

Your child’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are destined to fall out and make room for their permanent replacements. Nevertheless, Livonia children’s dentist, Dr. James Stewart, warns that maintaining the health and integrity of your children’s baby teeth is extremely important to the health of their adult smiles. Teaching your children to care for their… Read more »

Conquer Bad Breath at its Source

Bad breath isn’t always easy to ignore. Trying to hide it from others can affect the quality of your social interactions, and even if you manage to suppress it, you’ll still likely be able taste the odor. Occasional bad breath is common, such as when you wake up in the morning or eat an especially… Read more »

Special Concerns for Senior Dental Care

Dental care often means different things to different people, and age can influence your specific dental needs. For instance, as you grow older, the dynamic of your dental health can change along with the rest of your body. Teeth may become more susceptible to disease, your gums may loosen and separate from your teeth, and… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Explains How Dental Software Improves Your Treatment

Thanks to advanced dental technology, your treatment has become more personalized and accurate than ever before. Digital imaging systems and computer software allow your dentist to make more accurate diagnoses and thoroughly explain recommended procedures while you are still in the exam room. In this post, your Livonia dentist explains how using Orasphere® dental software… Read more »

Livonia General Dentist: The Stages of Tooth Decay

Not all patients who exhibit tooth decay require a dental filling or root canal therapy. When caught and treated in its early stages, tooth decay can often be reversed before a cavity has the chance to develop. Tooth decay begins when oral bacteria produce acid to destroy your teeth’s protective layer of enamel. Once compromised,… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Explains Teeth Stains and Whitening

Are your teeth marred by one or more stains? Has the overall color of your teeth faded until they’re no longer pearly white? Teeth stains and discoloration are among the most common cosmetic dental blemishes, making teeth whitening one of the most sought-after dental treatments today. Unfortunately, even professional whitening treatments aren’t always effective at… Read more »