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Better Sleep Means Better Health

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Many patients of all ages report that they have issues with their nightly rest. The unfortunate thing about being unconscious, however, is that it may be hard to put a finger on the issue. You may notice the secondary symptoms but be completely unaware that you are doing damage in your sleep. Our jaws create… Read more »

Tense? Night Guards May Help

Many people, without even thinking about it, grind their teeth, or clench their jaw. When this activity is severe enough to cause damage to the mouth, it is referred to as the medical condition bruxism. For most people, it never becomes an issue, just a physical quirk about themselves. For others, however, it can be a… Read more »

Night Guards May Bring Relief

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Many people have unconscious movements of the jaw, it is one of the most common places for an anxious brain to let loose. And for the most part, it is usually no serious issue. However, for a select few, this activity can become seriously harmful to the smile and the jaw. Bruxism, the medical term… Read more »

Your Headaches May Be Linked To TMJ Disorder


Many of us have headaches somewhat regularly, but not many are aware that they can be caused by a misalignment of the jaw joints called TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disorder. These joints connect your lower jaw to your skull. For a variety of reasons, your jaw joints can become unbalanced or misaligned. In today’s blog post,… Read more »

Holiday Time: Be Kind To Your TMJs! 

When you’re getting more and more exciting, as the festive holiday time inches its way closer, there’s something that you can easily forget about but that you should really spend some serious time considering: It’s your jaw joints! Yep, when you’re someone who deals with any amount of TMJ disorder, jaw joint stress, etc., then… Read more »

Remember These Details About TMJ Treatment

There are some things you may not have considered just yet about TMJ treatment with our Livonia, MI team, which may be why you haven’t come in to talk about your jaw joints just yet. Or, the reason you have your oral appliance treatment with you at home but you are not yet very serious… Read more »

Quick Reminders About Your TMJ Health 

You know that you’re supposed to be doing something to protect your TMJ (temporomandibular jaw joint) health, when it turns out your jaw joints are at risk of damage. However, if you aren’t very familiar (or at all familiar) with this part of your anatomy, then you may not have a very easy time connecting… Read more »

Oral Appliance Therapy: What Does It Treat?

You’ve probably heard of oral appliance therapy before, particularly if you’ve been dealing with something that needs help but that isn’t treatable with restorative care. Did you know that whether you’re having trouble with the way your jaw joints are working, being able to sleep through the night, and more, there is often one simple… Read more »

Your Headaches: 3 Helpful Smile Care Reminders

If you’re experiencing headaches and they’re not just something that shows up very occasionally, then it’s worth investigating. This type of discomfort is a sign that something is off, whether it’s allergy-related, stress-related, associated with your oral health, or otherwise! What’s that, you say? You didn’t realize that your smile could play a role in… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: What If I Have Bruxism, Too?

So, you know that you have TMJ disorder. You know that it’s very important to treat this functional disorder because if you don’t, the long-term strain of your jaw joints may lead to damage. However, you have also recently learned that you’re also suffering from something called bruxism disorder, which you’ve discovered is grinding and… Read more »