What Benefits Will Orthotropic Treatment Offer?

For children experiencing issues regarding the growth and development of the jaw and oral tissues, a number of serious complications may arise. In order to help children as young as age three, we may offer orthotropic treatment. What benefits will orthotropic offer children in Livonia, MI?

Improved Behavior

Issues with the growth of soft tissues and oral structures in the mouth and throat could prevent proper breathing at night. Which means children have trouble obtaining the amount of rest needed to function during the day at school. For some, this leads to an increased risk of behavioral issues, or missing emotional developmental milestones. Some kids may even be misdiagnosed as having ADD or ADHD. When we treat the issue with an orthotropic appliance, kids literally breathe easier.

Reduced Risk of Sleep Apnea

The same soft tissue and oral structure issues that impact sleep may increase the risk of sleep apnea as the child enters the teen years and adulthood. However, by treating these problems early with an oral appliance and guiding the development of the jaw, your child could enjoy a decreased risk of sleep disorders in adulthood.

Preventing Misalignment

Did you know issues with the development of the jaw may impact the alignment of your child’s smile? Misalignment impacts our oral health in a number of different ways, from an increased risk of tooth decay to the potential onset of chronic teeth grinding. However, by improving the growth and development of the jaw and oral tissues, we help improve alignment and allow your child to avoid complications and possibly even the need for braces later in life. If you have any questions about our orthotropic aligners, or if you think your child may benefit from a diagnosis, then contact our team today.


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