How Does An Oral Appliance Help My Child Sleep Better?

Did you know that children as young as three could suffer from poor breathing at night, leading to serious sleep disorders? In order to help kids avoid the complications of poor sleep, we may recommend orthotropic treatment. Let’s find out how orthotropics help children sleep better.

What Causes Poor Sleep?

As children grow, issues may occur in the development of the jaw and oral tissues. As young as age three, these issues could prevent them from breathing properly during the night, which impacts their ability to sleep and feel rested the next day. Children then suffer from sleep obstructed breathing and other disorders. As they grow older, these issues could impact bite balance, lead to misalignment, or increase the risk of obstructive sleep apnea later in life.

The Dangers of Poor Rest

How does lack of sleep impact a child? Many children lacking proper sleep exhibit behavioral issues at school or home, causing them to miss emotional milestones or be misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD. They may have trouble keeping up with their school work or concentrating on tasks. Warning signs of these issues include difficulty falling asleep, waking multiple times in the night, or waking early despite staying up late. Children may talk, yell, or walk in their sleep. They often feel tired during the day or have trouble waking up in the morning. If you recognize these warning signs and feel your child may need help, we can help. First, fill out our Child Sleep Health Questionnaire on our website, which assesses your child’s risk. We will then discuss possible treatment options.

Orthotropic Treatment Options

How do orthotropics help? Treatment involves creating and prescribing a custom-made oral appliance. The appliance is worn as the child sleeps and helps guide the growth and development of the oral tissues and jaw. Doing so helps ensure open airways, better breathing, and improved sleep. Children enjoyed a reduces risk of complications as they grow older, such as sleep apnea or misalignment. We may also suggest changes to their routine, such as a regular sleep schedule and cutting back on caffeinated beverage and other products that could impact rest. If you have any questions about childhood sleep issues, or if you think your child needs treatment, then contact our team today.


We want to help you and your family enjoy better sleep with orthotropic solutions. We don’t want poor rest to impact your little one’s quality of life. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI, as well as Farmington Hills, Farmington, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn, Garden City, Westland, Redford, and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.