Month: March 2018

A Few Signs that Your Child Might Need Orthotropics

There are many reasons why children’s dentistry should begin as early as possible. For instance, good habits develop early, and getting used to visiting the dentist can have lifelong benefits in the form of excellent oral health and beautiful, confident smiles. Regular dental visits also allow the dentist to ensure that your child’s oral and… Read more »

Your Bad Breath: What’s Happening, How To Stop It?

There are many potential causes for your bad breath. Did you know that it’s not always just about the foods that you’re eating? If you’ve cut out smelly foods that you have assumed that were the culprits and have discovered that the unpleasant odor still lingers (or overpowers!), then you may have already recognized this… Read more »

The Benefits of Orthotropic Treatment

Children’s dentistry often focuses on preventing issues like tooth decay and cavities through good hygiene education and preventive dental efforts. In some cases, it may also include customized treatment to correct the growth and development of teeth and oral structures, such as with orthodontic treatment. However, discrepancies in oral development are often related to issues… Read more »

Oral Health And Beverages: Do This, Not That

When you pick up a glass of your beverage of choice, you may not realize that whatever it is (and even how you’re drinking it) can have just as serious an impact on your oral health as the foods that you choose. Furthermore, when you discover that your usual habits aren’t so great for your… Read more »

What Does Orthotropics Treat?

There are a number of issues that children can exhibit that may not be obviously connected to their oral and facial growth. Yet, after orthotropics treatment, many children sleep easier, find lasting relief from headaches, have fewer behavioral issues, and more. The connection is that orthotropic treatment corrects several issues that can often lead to… Read more »

Allergy Season: 2 Things To Note

The most beautiful season of the year (according to many) is on its way. Before it shows up, is there anything you’re a bit worried about? If you’re someone who suffers from allergies, then the immediate answer is, “Yes!” You know that many are excited about the beautiful pastel colors of spring that show up… Read more »

Orthotropics: Fixing Facial Growth Before Problems Develop

When you think of correcting your child’s smile alignment, your first thoughts may be of orthodontic treatment. After all, orthodontic braces are the traditional way of helping a child develop straighter, more attractive, and more functional smiles. However, in some cases, there’s more at play than just the alignment of your child’s teeth. For instance,… Read more »

Get Better Oral Health: Get Organized!

Did you know that you might be able to get better oral health for yourself by getting organized? If you’ve never really considered the way you set up your days (and months and year, etc.) then you may be overlooking a very important and helpful tool. You may feel like getting dental hygiene and visits… Read more »

Does Your Child Have Trouble Sleeping? Ask About Orthotropics

In addition to ensuring their good oral health for life, children often exhibit several unique concerns with the growth and development of their facial and oral structures. For instance, an improperly formed jawbone or narrow palate can lead to a notably smaller airway, which can result in numerous issues such as sleep breathing disorders. Many… Read more »