Month: April 2018

Are There Any Benefits to Orthotropics?

When choosing any dental treatment for your child, it’s important to know how that treatment will help your child’s condition as well as what benefits it will have in the long term. With orthotropics, those benefits are many and extend beyond just your child’s oral health. Orthotropics is the treatment of abnormal and/or asymmetrical facial… Read more »

Protecting Gum Health In 3 Easy Steps

Protecting your gum health may be a new idea to you, particularly if you’ve always thought it was all about protecting your teeth. Or, this may be something that’s been on your radar for quite a while, though you were never really sure what to do about ensuring you’re taking the right steps to get… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Things To Cut Out

When given the option between protecting yourself against oral cancer or instead, doing things to promote it, chances are good you’d prefer to avoid it! Unfortunately, you may not be sure what you should be doing to keep it from happening. Some culprits that you should avoid are more obvious than others. Let’s quickly soar… Read more »

Facial Symmetry: More than Just Appearance

When it comes to children’s oral and facial growth, most parents have at least some idea of the importance of alignment. Proper alignment and symmetry are necessary for your child’s teeth and jaws to work properly, and to avoid serious bite issues in the future. However, symmetry and alignment are vital for much more than… Read more »

Can Orthotropics Prevent Sleep Apnea for Children?

Prevention is the main focus of all children’s dentistry treatments. Besides checkups and cleanings to ensure a healthy smile, that prevention most often occurs in the form of treatments such as dental sealants that keep teeth safe from cavity-causing bacteria. Sometimes, however, it may require more involved treatment. For instance, orthotropics treatment prevents sleep apnea… Read more »

Sealants: Better Safe Than Sorry!

When you’re providing your child with the best pediatric dental care you possibly can, that means a lot of things! At home, it means remaining focused on getting through effective brushing and flossing. With us, it means coming in for cleanings and checkups on a regular basis (we suggest every six months). This also means… Read more »

Comparing Orthotropics to Orthodontics

In many ways, orthotropics and orthodontics share several similarities. Both treatment plans focus on improving oral health development through careful realignment, and both are often prescribed to help children avoid more serious oral health concerns in the future. However, deciding on the best treatment option for your child depends on the specific concerns your child… Read more »

3 Problems TMJ Treatment Can Address

You know that when you see our team for TMJ treatment that it is going to help you lessen the effects of TMJ disorder and, hopefully, eliminate the symptoms. It will also guide you toward a smile that’s headed for excellent health, rather than one headed for jaw joints that may become significantly damaged due… Read more »