Month: May 2012

Bruxism FAQS with Livonia Family Dentist

Did you ever think that stress could affect your teeth? Stress is one of the many causes of bruxism, the act of teeth grinding. This nighttime habit can actually be quite dangerous, with many damaging effects on your teeth and muscles. Your Livonia Family dentist, Dr. James Stewart answers some frequently asked questions about bruxism…. Read more »

Livonia Family Dentist Offers Compassionate Dental Care for Seniors

Age adds many wonderful joys to life, such as grandchildren and retirement. Unfortunately, seniors don’t always experience joy when it comes to their oral health. Your Livonia family dentist, Dr. James Stewart, understands this issue and offers compassionate care to his senior patients. Dental Problems and Solutions for Older Adults Certain complications can arise with… Read more »

The Importance of Prenatal Dental Care

Your Livonia family dentist, Dr. James Stewart, cares deeply about the health of you and your loved ones. In honor of National Women’s Health Week, he would like to take the time to educate you on the importance of prenatal dental care with the following bits of information. 1. True or false. Pregnant women hardly… Read more »

Mental Health Month: Dental Health and Mental Health Go Hand in Hand

In honor of May being Mental Health Month, as declared by Mental Health America in 1949, Dr. James Stewart would like to enlighten you on the relationship between dental and mental health. What many people fail to realize is that they actually go hand in hand. Not only does a beautiful smile do wonders for… Read more »

Give Mom the Gift of a Beautiful Smile with Help from Your Livonia Dentist

Mother’s Day is this weekend. What do you have planned to make your mom or wife smile this Sunday? Livonia, MI family dentist Dr. James Stewart wants you to consider a unique Mother’s Day gift: giving Mom a beautiful smile. Help Mom Smile this Mother’s Day There are two approaches you can take to make… Read more »

Does Your Child Stutter? Livonia, MI Dentist Dr. Stewart can Help!

National Stuttering Awareness Week is always observed during the second week in May, which means that we’re in the midst of this national health awareness week. Established in 1988, National Stuttering Awareness Week is designed to bring awareness to this unique and common mild disability. Today, Livonia, MI family dentist Dr. James Stewart wants to… Read more »

The Link Between High Blood Pressure and Oral Health

May is National High Blood Pressure Awareness month, and your Livonia dentist Dr. James Stewart wants you to know how hypertension can affect your oral health and vice versa. Have you ever wondered why your blood pressure is checked at dental visits? Because hypertension displays very few symptoms in early stages, this condition is often… Read more »

Test Your Cosmetic Dentistry Knowledge

How much do you know about cosmetic dentistry in Livonia? Our Livonia cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stewart challenges you to see how much you know about cosmetic dentistry. Take this short quiz to find out more about improving your smile. You can check your answers by clicking “Read the rest of this entry.” Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz… Read more »