Month: October 2012

Livonia Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Conservative Smile Makeovers

The prevalence of extreme makeovers in popular culture, especially on television, has led us to believe that a smile makeover should involve several rather intensive procedures that dramatically alter the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums and lips. In reality, smile makeovers refer to a cosmetic dental treatment plan that can incorporate any number of… Read more »

Spooky Sugar Facts from Your Livonia Dentist

Tomorrow is Halloween, and today, fittingly enough, happens to be National Candy Corn day. Perhaps Candy Corn deserves its own day, considering the fact that those orange, yellow, and white kernels of super sweetness are the top selling Halloween candy.  All told, an estimated 600 million pounds of Halloween candy are purchased each year in… Read more »

Your Livonia Dentist Asks: Would You Know the Signs of Oral Cancer?

The American Cancer Society estimates that 35,000 people will get oral cancer in 2012, and the number of fatalities is estimated at approximately 6,800. The good news, however, is that the death rate from oral cancer has declined steadily since the 1970s – a statistic many experts credit to early detection.*

Livonia Dentist Discusses Sleep Apnea in Pregnant Women

Q)        What is sleep apnea? A)        Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes sufferers to experience snoring, along with pauses in their breathing during sleep, sometimes up to 100 such pauses during the night. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) – a form of the condition in which excess fat issue narrows the inside of the airway… Read more »

When a New Filling Causes Discomfort

Let’s say you visited your Livonia Dentist to have a cavity filled. Your mouth felt fine (although numb from the Novocain) when you left the office. Later that day, or maybe the next day, however, you begin to feel discomfort at the filling site. If this happens, you may have what is known as a… Read more »

How Dental Implants Can Save Your Oral Health

Losing one or more teeth can be a tragic experience for some people. For others, it may seem inconsequential, perhaps even slightly humorous. Pride and confidence in one’s smile plays a role in both reactions; while one person may be so proud of their smile that the loss of a tooth can generate feelings of… Read more »

Livonia Dentist Can Help Ease Your Headache Pain

Finding the Source of Headache Pain Are you suffering from regular, relentless headaches? You may want to visit your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, as well as your doctor to determine the source of your pain, particularly if jaw pain accompanies your headaches. Due to the close anatomical link between the head, jaw, and neck,… Read more »

How Fish Oil Can Alleviate Gum Disease Symptoms

While fish products might not be the best path to good breath, recent work by Dr. Alison Coates from the University of South Australia suggests that it might be a beneficial therapy for gum disease. Over half of all American adults suffer from some degree of periodontal disease, and the disease itself has been linked… Read more »

Affordable Sleep Apnea Treatment From Dr. Stewart

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can result in anything from snoring and mild morning headaches to poor mental health and memory impairment. For the loved ones of patients who suffer from sleep apnea, the snoring associated with the condition can deprive them of their sleep, as well. Your Livonia dentist is committed to… Read more »